Inside Emmy: Handicapping the Best Supporting Comedy Series Actress Race

With “SNL” regulars becoming eligible in the series categories last year, Minneapolis Star-Tribune TV critic says he’s not wild about folks “who do impressions and sketches every week coming against stock characters. To me, it’s not the same thing.”

Still, Justin concedes “SNL’s” Kristin Wiig is the “comedienne of the moment,” and should be considered the favorite this year.

Here’s a look at the contenders:

Kristin Chenoweth – “Pushing Daisies” (ABC)
Why she’ll win:
“I have such a mad crush on Kristin Chenoweth, I would love to see her win,” says Justin, who believes his Midwest location will keep him in compliance with any restraining order the actress might file against him.
Why she won’t:
The daisies are getting pushed for this once-highly-touted but now cancelled Alphabet series, and there ain’t much buzz for it.
Watch Kristin clips here.

Amy Poehler – “Saturday Night Live” (NBC)
Why she’ll win:
Like Fey, she was kind of everywhere last season. And she has already been nominated once.
Why she won’t:
Former castmate Kristin Wiig is a bit hotter right now.
Watch Amy clips here.

Kristin Wiig – “Saturday Night Live (NBC)
Why she’ll win:
The Target Lady needs an Emmy to go with those plastic, Chinese-import picture frames she just bought. And besides, as Justin points out, “she’s the comedian of the moment and has probably surpassed Poehler in that category.”
Why she won’t: Not Ready For Prime-Time Players have yet to prove that they can compete with prime-time series regulars for this trophy.
Watch Kristin clips here.

Jane Krakowski – “30 Rock” (NBC)
Why she’ll win:
Voters will watch the episode in which Jenna stars as Janice “Jopler” in an unauthorized biography of a famous blues-rock singer who played at Woodstock. They won’t get the music out of their heads. “Break another little chunk of my lung now, mister!… You know you bought it… if life makes you sweet food…” This hilarious bit was this year’s comedic equivalent of Alec Baldwin channeling Fred Sanford.
Why she won’t: “30 Rock” can’t win everything… can it?
Watch Jane in full episodes here.

Vanessa Williams – “Ugly Betty” (ABC)
Why she’ll win:
Covert plot to drug and influence Emmy voters successfully launched out of the bowels of Mode Magazine.
Why she won’t: Williams has already been nominated for this role twice and doesn’t have any more buzz this time around.
Watch Vanessa in full episodes here.

Elizabeth Perkins – “Weeds” (Showtime)
Why she’ll win:
Justin believes Perkins is the most talented contender in the category this year. “She’d get my vote out of that group,” he says.
Why she won’t: “ ‘Weeds’ is just one of those shows that has a niche audience,” Justin adds. “Like I said.”
Watch Elizabeth clips here.

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