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The “showmance” of the reality TV summer (Jeff and Jordan) is about to be split apart on tonight’s live eviction episode of ‘Big Brother‘ (8pm ET on CBS). Amazingly, Jordan seems to genuinely want Jeff to stay in the house instead of herself – as she figures he deserves it more and has a much better chance to win the game (All of which are true). It’d be hard to imagine a scenario where current Head of Household Kevin would keep the biggest threat in the game in the house, but stranger things have happened. (This is ‘Big Brother after all.) I’m hoping against hope for some kind of miracle that keeps Jeff in the house at least another week and praying for the vile Natalie to be sent packing next week.

The Perfect Schedule (Thursday September 3)

8pm:Big Brother‘ (CBS) Please, please, please let Jordan be the one to go home.
9pm:Police Women of Broward County‘ (TLC) I’m already hooked on this addictive new series that follows the exploits of some of the toughest female cops around. Bad guys beware!!
10pm:Project Runway‘ (Lifetime) Will this be the week that poor Mitchell gets sent home? The Georgia native has just missed elimination the first two weeks, and this week the designers are split into teams. Will that help or hurt?

Tomorrow Night:

Giddy up! If you haven’t tuned into Animal Planet’s series ‘Jockeys,’ you definitely need to tune in or set your DVRs (9pm on Animal Planet). It’s amazing how much drama (and hard work) can go into this profession and we get to see it all. They might be little people, but that doesn’t mean there’s not some biiiig drama!

Sunday Night:

It was a time of unparalleled national crisis; as millions of Americans faced unemployment, vanishing life savings, banks foreclosing on homes and feeling a general loss of hope, Americans turned to a newly elected President to lead them out of this turbulent time.

It sounds eerily like today’s current events. But as viewers of a powerful new two part documentary, ‘Soul of a People: Writing America’s Story,’ will see when it premieres on Smithsonian Channel this coming Labor Day Weekend, September 6 at 8 pm, the Great Depression also created a unique opportunity to capture the essence of America. ‘Soul of A People’ explores one of the most controversial public assistance programs of the Great Depression.

Fancast Flashback:

If you can’t wait for ‘Dollhouse’s‘ season two premiere later this month on Fox, check out full episodes of creator Joss Whedon’s much-beloved series ‘Firefly‘ on Fancast. Although the series only lasted one season, it amassed such a devoted fanbase (The Browncoats) that a feature film was even made. Check out what all the hype is about by watching full episodes right here.

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