Vincent Kartheiser’s Unusual ‘Mad Men’ Antics

Vincent Kartheis on 'Mad Men' (Vanity Fair)

Vincent Kartheis on

Vincent Kartheiser has a manic way of getting ready for scenes on the set of ‘Mad Men,’ as is apparent in his Vanity Fair interview.

The magazine witnessed him go through a ritual before taping a scene as executive Pete Campbell. He did pinwheels around the set and teased the other crew. Before another scene, he yelled “What’s wrong with me! F*** life in the a**.” “I’m off today—I know it! I know it! Don’t bull***t me,” he later screamed. “I wish I could be anyone on earth but me!”

“It’s kind of unusual, but it works for him,” said a member of the crew to Vanity Fair. “It’s what Vincent needs to do to lose his self-consciousness.”

Vincent also talked to VF about the difficulties he had as a child adjusting to being a young actor. He began acting when he was six years old, and landed roles in ‘The Indian In The Cupboard’ and ‘Little Big League.’

“When I was a kid being an actor was not cool. I’m thirty now and when I was a kid in the 80s that wasn’t a cool thing to be,” he said. “Now I see with my niece that acting is like the thing. I don’t know if it’s because of the Disney Club or whatever, but all the boys are actors and in dance and stuff and I’m like, Wow, I got beat up every day because I was in ballet and I was an actor and that was, you know, “gay,” or whatever.”

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