Deep Soap: Red Carpet Notable Quotables

Judith Chapman. (Getty Images)

Judith Chapman. (Getty Images)

Actors say the darndest things when they’re on the red carpet. Here are some highlights from the stars who braved the heat to chat at the 2009 Daytime Emmys.

Judith Chapman (Gloria, The Young & The Restless)

What was the inspiration for your outfit?

The heat. The fact that I live in the desert. This wonderful old theater. It’s my homage to Valentino (the wonderful silent film star, not the designer.) With the exception of the pants, which are Armani, everything is from my closet.

Are you enjoying Gloria’s rivalry with Jill?

It’s fun because there’s so much drama. Ted and I say our hearts must be made of gold because we’re lousy criminals.

I think putting Gloria in jail helped the audience accept and forgive her.

When she got out of jail I told [headwriter] Maria [Bell], “Please don’t let her go back to her hijinks. “

Stacy Haiduk (Mary Jane/Patty, The Young & The Restless)

Stacy Haiduk. (Getty Images)

Stacy Haiduk. (Getty Images)

You are obviously a shoo-in to make the best dressed list.

I thought it was only fitting to actually bring Kitty. I think he needed to come. Also Nelson from TV Guide Canada said, “You should bring Mr. Kitty because we love Mr. Kitty.”

I see he has his tail even though Zapato ate it on the show. Was that a stunt tail?

It was a fake tail, thank God. Otherwise I don’t think I would have brought him because it would have been too disgusting.

Were you worried when you found out Mary Jane was going to cause a child’s brain damage and poison a dog?

I was! I love children and animals. Samantha [Bailey], who plays Summer, was just cute. She said, “I’m going to be in a coma. But guess what? I’m going to come out of it and I’m going to be right there.” I was like, “Am I really going to do this?” But I did that with the character as well.

How do you tap into that dark side of Mary Jane’s personality?

You know what? Instead of playing it dark I find it more real and primitive. I think anybody who’s evil has a sadness. So I tap into a real place.

What’s it like working with Doug Davidson?

I love him! We have such a great time. He’s such a treat to work with. I feel absolutely blessed.

Zack Conroy (James, Guiding Light)

What was it like, joining the show so soon before everyone learned it was going to be cancelled?

Everyone was trying to help me out and point me in the right direction because they knew I was not going to be on the soap for twenty years. I’ve taken their advice when thinking about where I want to go from here.

I can see you starring on a show on the CW. Maybe it’s a good omen that that’s where the Emmys are airing this year.

Let’s see what happens. A lot of those shows cast in New York. There’s a new one coming out, The Beautiful Life. That would be a fantastic show to be on.

I read that Guiding Light’s final day of taping was crazy, with broken air conditioning and clogged toilets.

It wasn’t the best day for that because the way we were doing the ending we had a lot of babies [on set]. I think we had something like 18 babies when we lost the air conditioning.

So GL goes out endangering the lives of children.

No! They took care of them.

How do you feel about being a part of the Spaulding family?

It was awesome. Everyone in the family became part of my family. It was really cool.

Did you attend the party at Krista Tesreau’s house?

Yeah. It was interesting. I met people I never even knew were a part of the show.

Kurt McKinney (Matt, Guiding Light)

Kurt McKinney. (Getty Images)

Kurt McKinney. (Getty Images)

Do you think Vanessa should have ended up with Matt instead of Billy?

Yes. I do. Don’t you?

Matt did treat Vanessa better overall.

Right! Billy was never any good for her. I said it all along. I still hold to it.

How did you and Maeve Kincaid recreate your on-screen chemistry after being apart for so long? And how did you re-create Matt and Dianh’s relationship with a new Dinah?

With Maeve, it’s like trying on a comfortable pair of slippers. We work well together and always have. With Gina Tognoni, it took about five minutes then we found out we worked well together, too. We had a great time.

Did you go to the party at Krista Tesreau’s house?

I did. She rolled out the red carpet for all the old Guiding Lighters. It was nice to see some old favorites there.

What are you going to miss most about Guiding Light?

I’m going to miss the work. I’m going to miss the people a lot. I could work every day, all day and I’d be a happy camper.

What are your future plans?

I am going to shake some hands tonight, and work on getting another job.

What soap would you like to be on?

I think the one that makes the most sense for me is to go back and take my old role on General Hospital [Ned Ashton].

Aaron D. Spears (Justin, The Bold & The Beautiful)

You’re playing Marcus’s father.

Yes. I am Marcus’s father. That should be an interesting dynamic.

What kind of relationship will you have with Donna?

He knows his old high school sweetheart is married to Forrester. He’s working for Bill Spencer as the Head of Mergers and Acquisitions so it’s going to be an interesting time.

B&B has gotten some flack for its lack of ethnic diversity given its Los Angeles setting. Are you going to change that up?

I am going to change it up, add a little color to the mix. I’m the third African-American character to have a contract in the history of the show so I’m very, very happy.

B&B is one of the most popular shows in the world. Are you prepared to be an international superstar?

It’s a great place to have a career because the show is international.

Who have most of your scenes been with so far?

Donna, Don Diamont, who plays Bill Spencer, Marcus (Texas Battle) and Katie, who is played by Heather Tom.

Have they made you feel welcome?

Very. Everyone here is like a family. There are no attitudes or egos. Everyone’s welcome.

What’s Justin’s relationship going to be like with Marcus?

That’s something you’ll have to wait to see. We’ve been working a lot the past few weeks.

When is your first airdate?

September 14.

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