“Sorority Row’s” Jamie Chung on Audrina

“Jamie is amazing. She’s gorgeous. You can’t shoot that girl badly. There’s no bad angle for Jamie Chung.” That’s Sorority Row director Stewart Hendler talking about former Real World star Jamie Chung, and as you can see, he’s right. She stars in the new horror flick as Claire, one of the sisters of Theta Pi involved in a prank gone fatally wrong, as well as the subsequent selfish cover-up attempts to try to avoid the consequences. Oddly enough, of all the women in the cast, Chung is the only one with actual sorority experience, and she says reality is a different story.

“I went to school at UC-Riverside, and that kind of explains why I joined a sorority,” she jokes. “But it wasn’t about ‘oh, to be in a sorority is to be cliquey.’ The girls in my sorority were athletic. We worked out together, we had study groups together. They were smart. They were just fun girls at Kappa Kappa Gamma. The tradition behind it – the ceremonies, the initiation, the secret handshake if there is one – it was a fun to carry on.”

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It’s somewhat unusual to see a young actress who has actually graduated from college. Chung knew she wanted to act from a very young age. “Sent to camps, we did plays and skits. I fell in love with it,” she says of how she was drawn to her career, “but I have traditional Korean parents, and they said ‘go to college, be a doctor, be a lawyer, take Kumon, take violin lessons’ – all things I did not excel in. I graduated college with an economics degree and after that I pursued acting.” When asked who her ideal leading man might be, she’s quick with her response. “It doesn’t matter what, it’s going to be Ryan Gosling. Oh my god, he’s such a hottie, and he’s so charming.”

When asked if she has any advice for her co-star Audrina Patridge, who is also making the jump from reality television to movies, Chung just balked. “Any advice for Audrina? It’s more like I should get some advice from her! She’s kicking ass! She came fully prepared. Our first thing was ‘we’re not going to judge, we’re going to have open arms and welcome her as we’d want to be welcomed.’ She blew us away. She didn’t complain. She came on the night of the quarry. It’s 30 degrees, she’s in the skimpiest lingerie, we have cover-up, she doesn’t for the scene. She’s laying on the ground and there’s blood everywhere. Not one complaint. She was ready to go. She wasn’t stuck in her trailer, she was ready to work. She came prepared.”

Chung was also prepared for all the cleavage shots in the film – many female reporters at the press day wondered how they pulled it off, and apparently the recipe is “chicken cutlets” and a padded bra. “Rumer Willis is blessed naturally. Audrina’s not doing too bad either. The rest of us, we all have to give it back at the end of the show. I think the worst is ‘please don’t fall out, please don’t fall out, please don’t fall out.'”

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