It’s 9-9-09! Time for “9″

by | September 9, 2009 at 7:23 PM | The Movies

It’s a unique day for calendar enthusiasts everywhere. September the Ninth, 2009. 9/9/09. What better day to release a movie called 9, even if it is on a Wednesday? Producer Tim Burton has helped director Shane Acker expand his original short film into a dark, scary and thrilling animated sci-fi action-adventure.

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland of everything that we once were, the last remnants of humanity are small creatures made of clockwork and rags, each imbued with a piece of their remorseful creator’s soul. 9 (Elijah Wood) is the last and most whole of these creations, and we learn about this new world alongside him as he meets his brethren – the stubbornly fearful leader 1 (Christopher Plummer), the friendly inventor 2 (Martin Landau), his nervous disciple 3 (John C. Reilly), the mute archivists 4 & 5, the crazed 6 (Crispin Glover), the badass warrior 7 (Jennifer Connelly) and the burly bodyguard 8 (Fred Tatasciore). This rag-tag group has to fight to survive against the terrifying rogue machines of war that still roam the landscape, having already destroyed humankind.

Check out these cool clips of the gang in action below. You’ll see that this might not be the best film to show to younger kids, but it’s amazing to watch if you can handle the fright.

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