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Glee!’ It’s finally time for the season premiere of the most anticipated (and well-loved) shows of the Fall. Tonight at 9pm ET on Fox, check out the show everyone’s been talking about since it aired a one-hour sneak preview back in May. Part “Heathers,” part “Election,” and part “High School Musical,” the show has something for just about everyone – a hot cast, great music, snarky fun, and the deliciously wonderful Jane Lynch as the leader of the cheerleading squad. Sure, it’s about a Glee squad in high school, but don’t let that hold you back from sampling the show if you’re not that into musicals. This show is just a sheer joy and pure fun. This is the kind of show that needs to be rewarded with viewership – it’s different and take risks. In other words, tune in!!

The Perfect Schedule (Wednesday September 9)

8pm ET:America’s Next Top Model‘ (The CW) Tyra and company are back for Cycle 13 – but the twist this season is all the models are 5’7″ or under! They may be little, but you know they’re gonna be fierce!
9pm ET:Glee‘ (Fox) Check out the first paragraph of this article. Enough said – you better be watching.
10pm ET: The Real World: Cancun‘ (MTV) It’s the season finale – and surprise, surprise – Joey (who was sent home earlier this season) is back to see the roommates as they say their farewells.

Tomorrow Night:

Big Brother‘ is hurtling toward its live, two-hour finale next Tuesday night, but this Thursday at 8pm ET on CBS, we find out who wins the final Head of Household competition and who the Final 2 will be. We’re down to Natalie, Kevin, and Jordan, and the odds would favor either Natalie or Kevin winning the final HOH, as Jordan hasn’t shown herself to be too adept at winning anything in the game. That would leave a tough decision for either Kevin or Natalie – do they stay true to their word and bring the other to the end, or do they take Jordan and pretty much guarantee a victory and $500,000?

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Big-Brother-11/104725/1246680720/Big-Brother-11—Episode-27/embed 580 476]
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