Will Smith, Charlize Theron Back for “Hancock 2″

by | September 10, 2009 at 3:50 PM | The Movies

Director Peter Berg has confirmed that both Will Smith and Charlize Theron will be back to make the sequel to the 2008 superhero hit Hancock,. In case your memory doesn’t stretch back to last summer, Smith played a drunken, bitter amnesiac with superhuman powers who eventually cleans up his act and learns how to be a real hero once Theron surprises him with his true history (and with superpowers of her own). Berg says that everybody’s coming back for a sequel, so we can assume that also means Jason Bateman is returning, too. He added he’s looking at a big name to play a third super-powered, but he’s keeping that one close to the vest for now. In the meantime, we’ll amuse ourselves by calling the sequel 2 Han 2 Cock.

Watch clips from Hancock.