Sci Fi Tracker – This Week in Sci Fi: ‘Diaries’ Sucks Up Viewers; Fox Wants A(nother) Sci Fi Western; and More…

The Vampire Diaries. (The CW)

The Vampire Diaries. (The CW)

The first of fall’s genre offerings have bolted from the starting gate, and some supernatural tales got better mileage than others.  As if the glut of phantasmal fall fables wasn’t exciting enough, the networks are already planting the next crop…..which has prompted Fox’s sudden interest in sci fi westerns.  But they mean it this time.  We hope.

Also….are black trenchcoats the new red capes?

Read on.

‘Diaries’ Sucks Up Viewers

As reported at TV By The Numbers, Vampire Diaries’ saga of undying undead teen love managed to draw in the CW’s largest premiere viewing audience ever.  Alas, over a million of those folks didn’t stick around to catch Satan sporting a human suit in Supernatural‘s season five premiere….possibly having been diverted by a sudden impulse to journal about their feelings and browse for insignia rings.

(Laser) Gunfight At The O.K. Corral?

The Live Feed brings news of an “epic Western with a sci fi twist” coming to Fox, and the network has lassoed Chuck executive producer Scott Rosenbaum (not Joss Whedon) to breathe life into the serial.  The basic premise involves “a gunslinger caught between worlds,” and we’re promised a “nod to ‘Planet of the Apes'” as well.

Damn dirty tumbleweeds.

A Complete Beginner’s Guide To The Apocalypse

For those who’ve only just decided to join Supernatural now that Satan and God have joined the cast, there’s a bit of backstory to catch up on.  I09 provides a splendid primer of everything you’ve missed (or forgotten) in this twisted tale of angels vs. demons vs. humans.

Given that the angels in this saga are hell-bent on delivering a “planetary enema” to Earth, it’s trickier than expected to pick a side…….

What To Wear in An Epic Clash With A Thousand Agent Smiths Metallo

I09 reveals pics from Smallville’s premiere, including (finally) the unveiling of that Superman(-ish) costume.  Those earlier reports of a no-tights zone were accurate, as it seems Clark took a cue from Neo’s book (or a trenchcoat from his closet, more specifically) instead…..

A Titanic Tower of Trailers

If you haven’t yet decided which fall shows deserve the top spots within your DVR’s prioritizer, time’s a wastin’……but Sci Fi Wire has handily assembled every trailer for every upcoming genre offering here.  It’s an all-you-eat buffet of foreboding music, edgy editing, and slack-jawed Everymen and Everywomen confronted with the Effin’ End of the World/Apocalypse/Ghost/Demon/Bad Wizard/Monster/Alien!

Hurray for fall!

And that’s that for this week.

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