Sarah Silverman On “Dirty Tina” Fey

Sarah Silverman (Comedy Central)

Sarah Silverman (Comedy Central)

Sarah Silverman has a bone to pick with those who think comediennes just aren’t funny – and with one legendary comedian in particular.

“Women who get offended when people say that women aren’t funny probably aren’t funny, you know?” she said during Newsweek’s Emmy Roundtable last week. “Who cares if 90-year-old Jerry Lewis thinks women aren’t funny? It’s fine. It’s endearing, if anything. It’s like if your grandmother’s racist—it’s adorable, it’s fine, it’s subjective.”

She also fondly remembers Tina Fey, who was a writer at the time Silverman began appearing on ‘Saturday Night Live’ “They used to call her Dirty Tina when she was a writer on the show,” she said at the roundtable, which included Toni Collette, Amy Poehler, Jim Parsons and Jon Cryer. “I just remember being introduced to her as “This is Dirty Tina—she writes on the show.” And then she became the head writer, and she’s so brilliant.”

And young Hollywood stars beware, because Silverman has a bone to pick with you too – specifically with your method of acting. “I got so frustrated. I feel like I feel so deeply, I feel so much, but I can’t tap into [acting] super-easily,” she said. “But then there’ll be a girl who just lives on the surface and she’ll do a sob scene, and I asked, “What were you thinking of?” And she said, “My dog.” I have so much inside me. Why can’t I access it so easily like these people that are …” “Idiots?” quipped Cryer.

“There are people who are genuinely amazing actors who are truly empty vessels that great acting comes through,” she added. “I don’t think that can happen necessarily with comedy. Wait—that’s obnoxious. I mean, there are a lot of dumb comedians. I’m a dumb comedian.”

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