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We’re about to see if one of the biggest gambles of the TV season is about to pay off. Tonight at 10pm ET is the premiere of ‘The Jay Leno Show,’ on NBC – the show that is dominating NBC’s schedule this fall, airing every weeknight at 10pm. Some have decried the move as yet another sign of the deterioration of scripted television, others have hailed it as a smart, cost-cutting move by the network with the potential for a big payoff. Leno obviously holds a fond place in many viewer’s hearts, but even if he does succeed, what does this mean for his successor on ‘The Tonight Show,’ Conan O’Brien? Jay has promised to not have a traditional talkshow, but expect to see a monologue and musical performances, although there will only be one celeb guest per hour. Expect NBC to be holding is breath until the first ratings come in tomorrow morning… (Watch clips of ‘The Jay Leno Show’ right here.)

The Perfect Schedule (Monday September 14)

8pm ET:Lincoln Heights‘ (ABC Family) It’s the season premiere – and time to check out this fan favorite family drama if you haven’t already.
9pm ET:Gossip Girl‘ (The CW) XoXo. You know who is back for the college years – except for Little J, who is now the anointed queen bee of the high school.
10pm ET:The Jay Leno Show‘ (NBC) Sure, a 5-nights-a-week show in primetime is a risk, but what does NBC have to lose?

Tomorrow Night:

A summer of backstabbing, lying, showmances and heated evictions comes to a close tomorrow night at 9pm ET on CBS as ‘Big Brother 11‘ concludes with its live, two-hour finale. In a first for the show, all three finalists will make it to finale night, where Kevin and Jordan will battle it out in the third part of the final HOH competition to see who gets to choose who to take to the Final 2. Then it’s up to the jury (and America, who gets the 7th vote thanks to Chima’s removal from the game) to decide who wins the game and the $500,000 grand prize.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Big-Brother-11/104725/1252748076/Big-Brother-11—Episode-29/embed 580 476]
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