Bobby Brown Responds To Whitney’s Accusations

Bobby Brown (Getty Images)

Bobby Brown (Getty Images)

The Insider talked to Bobby Brown to get his thoughts on ex-wife Whitney Houston’s allegations on ‘Oprah’ this week.

“I think we corrupted each other,” he said. “I don’t think she hurt me or I hurt her in any way. I just think we had a 14 year marriage that had it’s ups and downs and not many people understood it.”

How did he respond to allegations that he used drugs? “I used an awful lot. I can’t take that back,” adding that cocaine was his drug of choice. “It’s a powerful drug. I just think I was bored…Unfortunately I turned to alcohol and drugs.”

On ‘Oprah’ this week, Whitney Houston alleged that he was emotionally abusive during their marriage, used drugs, and at one point spit on her and slapped her.

But now that Bobby Brown is purportedly sober, he might just be ready for a new body.

TMZ is reporting that Brown may be signing up for next season’s ‘Celebrity Fit Club,’ on VH1, a show where stars get slim.

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