Show & Tell: Cheryl Burke DeLays It on the Line

Cheryl Burke and Tom DeLay of 'DWTS' (ABC)

Cheryl Burke and Tom DeLay of

Cheryl Burke is very sweet. She has a soft voice, one you wouldn’t expect from a body that moves as fiercely as hers. There’s a tiny giggle, a calm demeanor and an earnest gaze that makes every celebrity placed under her wing trust her. I just wish she wouldn’t lie to me.

You see, Cheryl claims she has never seen former partner Gilles Marini’s insanely sexy calendar shoot.

Which is really odd, considering Cheryl’s reliance on Google (see below), and considering those two had more chemistry than a science lab last season. I was inclined to yell out ‘You Lie!‘…but thankfully somebody else this week showed me how tacky that would have been.

I have no doubt, however, that the two-time ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ champ is completely sincere when she tells me about her new partner this season, the out-of-left field pick of controversial politician Tom DeLay. Apparently, he has a secret side…and he’s a real hipster too!

Status Update: Yes, Tom DeLay hurt his foot dancing. No, it won’t keep him from appearing on the show.

“Old age is catching up to me. May have a stress fracture in my foot. No worries, it’ll take more than that to keep me off the dance floor,” so Tweeted the Texas politician Tuesday.

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What did you think when you first heard you’d been paired with former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay?

“Honestly, it’s been a record so far. Every partner, with the exception of Ian Ziering, I’ve had to Google. The only reason I knew Ian is because the only show I was allowed to watch as a kid was ‘Beverly Hills, 90210.’ My parents didn’t let me watch television, I always had to do homework or dance, so that was the one show I watched a week.”

“My world was always dance, I can’t picture myself doing anything else.”

What’s your plan in training Tom DeLay?
“I think people are interested in seeing what he has to offer, and I want to try and get Tom’s personality out on the dance floor. I think people are so used to seeing him as a politician.”

“There’s a fun side to Tom DeLay, the grandpa side, he really is such a nice guy. He may not be the best dancer of the bunch, but I think showing his fun side will be something people will warm up to.”

“He’s like the grandfather I never had. We have that type of relationship. Whatever people thought of him, for me, doesn’t make a difference, because I didn’t even know who he was. But he is such an interesting man.”

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So what kind of dancer is Tom DeLay?
“He likes to move his hips a lot!”

Does that mean he has an inclination for the Latin dances?
[giggles] “It’s different when someone stands there and moves their hips, and then when they actually dance and try to move their hips. But at least he’s having fun with it.”

What’s your first dance?
“Our first dance is cha cha, so he will need a lot of hip action in that. If I can get those hips to move WHILE he dances, and not as much when he just stands there, then I’m happy.”

‘Dancing with the Stars’ returns with a three-night premiere next week! And don’t miss Wednesday’s show when the cast honors the late Patrick Swayze in a performance one can only hope will be a ‘Dirty Dancing’ tribute.

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