Kate Major Hates Jon Gosselin, Feels Bad For Kate 1.0

Jon Gosselin  & Kate Major

Jon Gosselin & Kate Major

Looks like even more of Jon Gosselin recent relationship drama is coming back to haunt him.

On the heels of reports that Jon had relations with his kid’s ex-babysitter, Kate Major told  HLN’s Showbiz Tonight that she “despises” Jon.

The former Star magazine reporter, who allegedly dated the star after his breakup with wife, Kate Gosselin, added, “I think I was in lust with him, but no, I didn’t love him.”

“I will take a lie detector test and I would love for Jon to take a lie detector test because for him to say there was no romance is a complete lie,” she added.

And Kate now feels somehow connected to Jon’s ex-wife. “If I could talk to Kate Gosselin, I would definitely, I think we would have a lot in common, and I feel badly for her,” she said. “I think she’s definitely taking the high road in this, and I’m sure it’s very hard and the last thing I would want is for any of his children to see this, but then again, I’m not the parent.”

But Jon’s lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, is jumping in to save Jon’s name.

“The content of the story is shocking … The tabloids don’t need a stimulus package from President Obama,” he said on Wednesday. “They simply need to find a storyteller each week who is out of work and can greatly benefit by being the recipient of $100,000-plus for a hot story concerning Jon Gosselin, which, for the most part, is sensational regardless of whether or not it is verifiable or true.”

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