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Tonight the Fall TV season kicks into overdrive with many big shows returning – and leading the charge is the premiere of ‘Survivor: Samoa‘ at 8pm ET on CBS. Host Jeff Probst and 20 new castaways are back to see who can outwit, outlast and outplay and emerge with the $1 million grand prize. This season, look for Russell H. to turn the game on its head, as CBS has been billing him as “the biggest villain” to ever play the game (Meet Russell right here). This is the biggest group of contestants to ever play the game, and look for lots of twists and turns, including no Exile Island, and the tribes being forced to designate a “leader,” who will be tasked with making tough decisions through out the game. Another colorful character to watch is Shannon (aka “Shambo“) – she’s definitely unlike anyone that’s been on the show in the past. (For all things ‘Survivor,’ check out our special ‘Survivor’ page right here.)

The Perfect Schedule (Thursday September 17)

8pm ET:Survivor: Samoa‘ on CBS This may be the granddaddy of all reality shows, but it’s still one of the best. Get ready to meet 20 new castaways in a beautiful, tropical setting.
9pm ET:Fringe‘ on Fox Season 2 picks up right where we left off last year, with Olivia in another dimension. If you haven’t tuned into this one, yet jump on board – it’s a wild ride.
10pm ET:The Real Housewives Of Atlanta‘ (Bravo) NeNea and the girls are up to more antics in what is Bravo’s most popular edition of the Housewives franchise so far.

Tomorrow Night:

Check out the season two premiere of ‘Crash‘ tomorrow night on Starz at 10pm. Based on the Academy Award winning movie of the same name and starring Dennis Hopper, it’s a gritty look at life in Los Angeles and how nothing is by chance. In tomorrow’s premiere, former music mogul Ben Cendars (Hopper) returns to LA from a year’s stint in rehab to investigate the murder of his daughter, and billionaire Seth Blanchard (Eric Roberts) has a near-death experience. Watch the first two episodes of the new season early right here.

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