Opening Wide: Jennifer’s Body, Love Happens, Informant!, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

by | September 18, 2009 at 8:52 PM | The Movies

This weekend sees four big movies gunnin’ for that #1 spot. The one everyone’s been waiting with baited breath for is Diablo Cody’s sophomore screenwriting effort, the horror-comedy Jennifer’s Body, starring Megan Fox as the body in question. The one everybody should be psyched for is Matt Damon’s goofy, doughy performance as a clueless pseudo-spy in Steven Soderbergh’s corporate comedy The Informant! Then we’ve got Jennifer Aniston on familiar ground giving Aaron Eckhart of The Dark Knight a spin in the relationship drama Love Happens, and finally, parents will be hauling their kids to the animated 3-D spectacle of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Because who doesn’t want it to rain food?

Jennifer’s Body
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Megan Fox stars as the most popular girl in a small rural town who gets sacrificed to Satan by a rock band trying to get famous, but when the ritual goes wrong, Fox becomes a flesh-eating monster feeding on high school boys. Her best friend Needy (Amanda Seyfried) is forced to grow a spine and stop her.

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The Informant!
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Matt Damon put on pounds and an awful mustache to play Mark Whitacre, a bumbling corporate whistleblower going undercover to get the dirt on his company while hiding some seriously dirty secrets of his own in this comedy from Ocean’s 11 auteur Steven Soderbergh.

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Love Happens
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Aaron Eckhart’s Burke made a career in self-help after writing a book to help him get over his personal losses, full of advice he’s never taken himself. Jennifer Aniston’s Eloise has been soured on relationships and focuses entirely on her flower shop. Then they meet while they’re both emotional wrecks. Can love actually happen?

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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
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A 3-D animated adventure featuring Bill Hader as the voice of Flint Lockwood, a hapless scientist who devises a way to turn water into food, which then results in creating massive edible weather phenomena once the machine responsible develops a mind of its own. Anna Faris voices Sam Sparks, the news reporter who has to help Flint stop the madness.

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