Sci Fi Tracker: This Week in Sci Fi – There’s A Cooler Dollhouse Out There (It’s Just Not The One We’ve Been Watching)

Dominic Monaghan on FlashForward (ABC)

Dominic Monaghan on FlashForward (ABC)

If you’re one of those people who feel that Dollhouse somehow wasn’t living up to its potential, it turns out there’s a really good explanation for that inkling: there’s a groovier Dollhouse up and running which has apparently been siphoning up a big chunk of available awesomeness. Oh, and in the giant shell game that is FlashForward, one source advises us to keep an eye on the Dominic-Monaghan-shaped walking clue.

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The Grass Is Always Greener (And The Gadgets Fancier, and The Actives Hotter) At The Other Dollhouse…..

As Joss Whedon confirmed in a conference call with reporters on Thursday, Ray Wise and Summer Glau will be playing The Boss Man and a programmer, respectively, from another Dollhouse in the coming season. Which, as one reporter ruefully noted, made that Dollhouse “the cool one.” While not too much was revealed about Wise’s role, Whedon waxed euphoric about Glau joining the cast. In fact, his adoration of Glau comes awfully close to approximating the love that Whedon fans feel for her.

“The casting of Summer was based on the knowledge that Summer existed,” Whedon admitted. “The writers worked twice as hard to make sure [her] character really pops and pay off, because they know it’s going to be played by someone extraordinary.”

Now this might be a season worth watching. And it just goes to show that you can’t keep a good borg down.

(You would think we couldn’t squeeze two Terminator references out of one column so long after a certain show’s cancellation, would you? But you would be wrong.)

They Won’t Be Baaaaaaaaack, But Can We Keep Saying How Much We Miss Them, Anyway?

Well, The Live Feed isn’t impressed, but Televison Without Pity’s Tubey Awards declared Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles still alive and kicking – in our hearts, anyway [insert doleful sigh here] – as the site’s readers heaped Best Drama, Most Underrated Show and Favorite Actress (Summer Glau) accolades on Josh Friedman’s huuuuuuuuuuuugely mourned show.

The Hobbit Did It (Or At Least He Knows Who Did)

Suggestions are being made that Dominic Monaghan’s character on Flash Forward may be one of the bigger clues walking around on two legs on that set, per a story at Sci Fi Wire. “He’s almost a kind of reveal, in a way,” Monaghan says. “Obviously, Joe [Fiennes] and Sonya [Walger] and John [Cho] and Jack kind of are telling the story in the initial episodes, and my character, Simon, is kind of in the wings a little bit, kind of waiting, kind of a reveal. He’ll gradually be trickled in as the show picks up some steam.”

Too bad he couldn’t keep his Hobbit feet in this role. Might offset some of the burden of carrying the secret of a show so potentially enormous on his shoulders.

P.S. Yes, ABC has made the first 18 minutes of the pilot available. What do you think?

Swapping Spit With The Bionic Woman

That Kiss was just one of many whoppers in last night’s Fringe opener. Lance Reddick shares his thoughts and his surprise (or lack thereof) about that particular revelation over at Whereas Blair Brown coulda been knocked over with a feather (she sensibly had deduced that maybe their professional paths had crossed in the past), Reddick isn’t all that surprised that Nina Sharp just couldn’t resist Broyles’ irresistable hotness.

Typical man.

And that’s that for this week.

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