Michael Emerson On Emmy Nomination & How ‘Lost’ Will End

‘Lost’s’ final season begins in early 2010 after a successful five-year run. How will the now-legendary series say goodbye?

Michael Emerson assures us that the last few episodes will be explosive. “We’ve already shot two episodes and they are mystifying,” said the star, who plays baddie Ben Linus on the series. “I want a complicated and dark ending.  I want it to be for grown-ups and I want us to walk away saying ‘wow!'”

Emerson, who was at last night’s ‘Family Guy’ Pre-Emmy party at Avalon in Hollywood with wife Carrie Preston (of ‘True Blood‘), was also nominated for an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama series this year.  How is he taking the nomination? “This is my third time being nominated for this role and now I begin to play mind games with myself,” he said. “Maybe this year if I stop wishing for it that will help it come”

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