Debi on ‘Dancing’: ‘It’s Such a Drag Show!’

'DWTS's' Debi Mazar (ABC)

A new set of sixteen celebrities are ready to kick up their heels for Season 9 of ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

Before everybody gets their cha cha on, I talked with ‘Entourage‘ star Debi Mazar about going ‘Dancing,’ ducking trouble…and drag shows?

You’ve got everything from a UFC fighter and a martial arts master to a TV witch and an Osbourne in the cast. Is this the mean season of ‘DWTS’?

“All of us, that’s how we’re portrayed, but now you’re able to see us for who we really are. I’m not used to playing myself on camera. I play tough, but me, I’m soft and vulnerable and I cry all the time.”

Well, you are partnered with the ballroom’s bad boy, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who’s known for making a partner or three cry.

“Maks does not make me cry…I cry at my own ego because I expect myself to do better than I’m doing and I’m just very frustrated. If anything, he’s giving me hugs and making me laugh. He’s also very strong and very insulting at times, and I tell him to ‘%#@^ *&$.’ We work it out. We’re similar in tone in that way. I’m trying to be humble and shut up, because even though I’m 16 years older than him, he’s always right. And very good at what he does.”

The judges are known for their outrageous commentary. Are you prepared for that?

“I plan to apply what I’ve learned in my dance practice–which is to shut my mouth. And they are only half of the equation. It’s America who’s voting for us. But I’m sure if they’re critical, there’s a rhyme to their reason.”

I picture backstage nerves involving throwing up, prayers, good luck charms and maybe some group hugs.

“There’s no time, our sparkles would stick together, my fake tan would rub off on someone’s jacket, it’s all pageantry and very, very like the backstage of a dance musical: like quick change, every body get naked! Put your make up on! And hair pieces! The guys have suspenders and like gloss on their bodies. It’s such a drag show! In the best sense, of course.”

‘Dancing with the Stars’ premieres Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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