‘90210’s’ Jessica Lowndes: More Drama For Adrianna?

Jessica Lowndes at the 2009 Emmys (Getty Images)

Jessica Lowndes at the 2009 Emmys (Getty Images)

We’re seeing major changes on ‘90210’ this season. For one, the series has a brand new theme song, and a  new showrunner – Rebecca Sinclair, from ‘Gilmore Girls.’

“It’s always sad to see people go. We have a whole new crew. It does feel like a new show, but for the better,” Jessica Lowndes told us at the Emmy red carpet on Sunday, where she was supporting her friends from ‘Gossip Girl’. “You’re seeing a lot more California, a lot more beaches, and now we have the Beverly Hills Beach Club.”

And with a new chapter in the life of the show, Adrianna may just go running back to old habits.

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“It just gets really juicy these first few weeks, and I’m so excited for everyone to see. For my character, I came back after the summer as ‘no drama Adrianna,’ but that only lasts for so long,” she said. “She’s someone that loves drama and is attracted to it. Her ex is now in the mix, so that stirs up the pot. She’s also someone that can’t handle pressure. So when the pressure is on her she turns to other things, other substances.”

Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth aside, she would love to see more of the original ‘Beverly Hills’ stars come back to visit. “Any of the originals is always fun and there’s still a lot more that need to come back,” she added. “That’s always surreal to be filming with them. They really understand the show, and they’re the reason why we’re where we are today.”

But even if they can’t come back as guest stars, Jessica is happy just to get some advice from them.

What advice have the stars given her?

“Just not to get caught up in it all. Not so much advice, but just like lead by example. Even when they’re not on camera they’re still fully engaged. I think that’s the best gift you can give as an actress.”

Check out a preview of tomorrow’s brand new episode below:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/90210/100758/1260278027/90210-Trailer—Sit-Down%2C-Youre-Rocking-the-Boat/embed?skipTo=0 420 355]
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