Olivia Wilde’s Secret To Being Sexy

Olivia Wilde (Getty Images)

Olivia Wilde (Getty Images)

“It’s a very different season,” Olivia Wilde said, warning of changes with her character, Thirteen, on the Fox hit, ‘House.’

“Last season she decided to be a healthy person and being good at her job. Of course, now, we’re all dealing with the fact that House ends up in a mental institution.”


“We all have our own ways of dealing with that,” she said. “I think we all react to it very differently.”

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Wilde looked stunning at Sunday’s Emmy awards in an off-white backless Marchesa dress.

“I got ready with a team of professionals,” she told Fancast. “I would love to pretend I did this all on my own in the car. But no. It’s always fun, though, it’s always a great time. They’re like my family now, the people that I work with. And of course I always like to take a little bit of a risk, fashion wise and I just want to have fun with it.”

Her secret to looking hot?

“The secret to being sexy is feeling confident,” she said. “If you don’t feel good in what you’re wearing, you won’t look sexy, no matter how many designers have told you it’s the one to wear. So it all comes from within, and if you feel good with what you’re wearing, you’ll look good.”

The new season of ‘House’ starts tonight on Fox at 8 PM.

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