Brad Pitt as Moriarty in “2 Sherlock 2 Holmes?”

Guy Ritchie’s snazzed-up version of Sherlock Holmes isn’t even out yet, but a sequel is already in the works, and there is talk now that Brad Pitt might even be interested in rejoining his old Snatch director to play opposite Robert Downey Jr.’s Holmes as the detective’s archnemesis, Professor James Moriarty. There have even been rumors that Pitt will show up in a few brief scenes of the first installment to establish himself, because come on – how do you relaunch a franchise without the big-name villain? Those rumors have been denied, saying Moriarty would only appear in unrecognizable silhouettes, but who knows? Maybe it’s a stunt for early buzz. Or maybe Hollywood can’t really keep a secret anymore.

How exciting is this possibility, though? Downey and Pitt having a charismatic cleverness contest for two hours? Now, that’s entertainment!

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