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Hello, everyone. I’m going to be blogging here on Fancast every day after each episode of ‘Dancing with the Stars‘, so come here and get the scoop – and vote for me and my wonderful partner, Aaron Carter. (Call 1-800-Vote4-01) OK, now welcome to my life.

It’s 8:30 on the morning after the first show of the new season of Dancing with the Stars. I’m at home right now. We have an early call today, so I’m getting ready to go to the studio. My voice is a little hoarse right now. It’s because I haven’t had very much sleep, if any, for what seems like weeks.

Between rehearsing for last Sunday night’s Emmy Awards and last night’s premiere of Dancing, I’m totally exhausted. I’m running on adrenaline, I think. My mom even called me the other day and said, “Baby, you need to find time to rest.” But I was like, “Ma, I love this. I love that it’s so busy. I’ll rest some other time.”

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And I will. Right now it’s go-go-go and though I don’t have time for anything but rehearsals and shows, I wouldn’t change one thing. This is what I live for.

I hope you liked Aaron as much as I had fun dancing with him. He’s a great partner. I can do so much with him – and really push him. Aaron is very good at LTK – listening to Karina. Ha-ha! We’ve only had one miscommunication thus far. It was last Saturday, and he was nervous because we weren’t going to rehearse on Sunday because of the Emmys. I had to tell him to calm down.

And he did. Aaron said, “Just tell me what to do.” He’s competitive. One day before rehearsal, he said, “I want to become a professional ballroom dancer.” I thought it was cute, and I laughed. But he was serious. He said, “You know how Jamie Foxx transformed himself into Ray Charles for the movie?” I said yes. He said, “I want to transform myself like that into a professional dancer.”



I understood. I gave him things to think about. I told him to get into the professional dancer’s mindset. You wake up and stretch, think about what to eat, what to wear, what you’re doing to do in rehearsals…and make everything point to getting ready for your performance. He was like, “OK.” He’s young and eager – and I love him.

Everyone on the show takes this very seriously. I think Aaron got a taste of it last night. Most importantly, he got a taste of what it’s like to do well and see all the hard work pay off?

It was so funny and nerve-wracking to be first up. I tried to keep myself composed and not let Aaron see that I was about to have a mild cardiac arrest. Then right before we went on, I looked at him and said, “Angel.” That’s my code for “smile, stand up straight and open your shoulders as if you had angel wings.”

I thought he did great last night, considering the fact he’d never done this. During the Cha Cha Cha he didn’t do a couple of steps that I was expecting, and I wasn’t sure why. Then afterward, he said, “Knee pads.” It turned out he forgot to put them on.

I’m happy with our performances. It was a strong night. Obviously Donnie Osmond did well and with his and Marie’s fan base all of us are expecting him to be in the finals. He knows how to dance and how to work the cameras.

I was shocked to see how well Chuck did. I’m a big fighting fan. He’s a sweetheart and adorable. He really showed a vulnerable side. Louie Zito was adorable, Mark Dacasco was strong, and so was Michael Irvin. He wore his personality right on his sleeve and went for it – and I think people love that kind of performance.

As for the strongest teams, we haven’t seen the women. But definitely Donnie and Kym. I also heard Mya is great, Maks and Debi obviously are good – I’d be surprised if they don’t get a really good score – and I also heard that Kelly Osbourne is doing well. I’m eager to see everyone.

(Kevin Winter, Getty Images)

(Kevin Winter, Getty Images)

Before I go, I’ll also talk briefly about the Emmys. It was amazing. I loved it. Just the fact that Maks and I got our own stage was amazing. I think the number turned out to be great. We rehearsed like crazy in between Dancing rehearsals; Maks and I were both working 20 hour days.

I know what people were reporting – that we didn’t want to dance together because of the breakup and then yesterday another guy reported that we had a fight backstage at the Emmys. Neither is true.

First, the idea that we weren’t going to dance at the Emmys because of our breakup was total nonsense. I mean how often do you get a chance to dance at the Emmys?

As for a fight, Maks and I didn’t have a fight. Please. We were both so nervous and focused on making the dance perfect. We didn’t have time to do anything other than think about the dance. Actually, both of us were very honored to be able to dance together – and that’s the truth.

I wish I could meet some of these “sources” who seem to know everything. I would like them to tell me the winning lottery numbers. Surely they have them – they know everything else.

Come back tomorrow for more. I’m going to try to take some video for you and make this blog fun. I’m also going to give you my personal phone number so you can call me and talk. Aaron did this (his number is 310 746 8383), and he really answers.

Let me know if you have any questions. And remember to call in and vote for Aaron and me. The number is 1-800 – VOTE4-01

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