Pam & Jim’s Wedding Website

Jim and Pam’s wedding is one of the hotly anticipated events of ‘The Office’ this season. And now the characters are giving fans a peak into their big day, with a marriage website –

On the site, titled ‘Pam & Jim,’ the two share information about the ceremony and about themselves.

Who are Pam and Jim? “He’s a paper salesman. She’s a paper salesman,” reads the site. “Together, we’re easily the seventh most interesting couple in Northeastern Pennsylvania paper sales.”

While the location, registry and video sections are “coming soon,” the guest book is live – and Dunder-Mifflin employees are making good use of it.

“Congrats you guys, good to see Pam taking my sloppy seconds, just kidding, hehe” writes Meredith Palmer, while the always awkward boss Michael Scott writes, “Pam, you are like a daughter to me, and Jim is like a son. I’m so proud that my son and daughter are to be wed! Tis a thing of beauty! Glory be!!”

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