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To those of you who have lost faith in the sitcom on network television, there is still hope. Tune in tonight at 9pm ET to ABC for the new half-hour comedy ‘Modern Family,’ which gives a fresh spin to the longtime genre. Starring Ed O’Neill, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell and many others, the show follows three modern families (one gay, one “traditional” and one with an older man married to a younger woman with a child) who happen to be all connected. The series is earning some of the best reviews of the new TV season, and is shot in a mockumentary, ‘Office‘-type style. ABC has a bunch of new series on its Fall lineup, but this is the one (along with ‘FlashForward’) that has the greatest hopes. It’s a fresh spin and is something that you’ll definitely want to keep coming back to, week after week.

The Perfect Schedule (Wednesday September 23)

8pm ET: Dancing with the Stars‘ (ABC) Start the night off by finding out which celebs are the first ones to hang up their dancing shoes – permanently.
9pm ET: Glee‘ (Fox) The first hit of the new season, and also the first to get picked up for a full 22-episode order, kicks it up a notch with Kurt trying out for the football team while blasting Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”
10pm ET:Eastwick‘ (ABC) It’s been tried before (a remake of the John Updike “Witches of Eastwick” book) – but there’s something about this cast (which includes Rebecca Romijn and Lindsay Price) that is – well, magical.

Tomorrow Night:

FlashForward‘ premieres tomorrow night at 8pm ET on ABC for all you fans that are going through ‘Lost‘ withdrawals. The show explains what happens after the entire world blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds at the same time and has visions of their future. What does it all mean? Can their futures be changed? Joseph Fiennes and Sonya Walger (‘Lost’) star, and after seeing the premiere already, I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for Week 2. Check out the first 17 minutes of the premiere below.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/FlashForward/104541/1269562647/Flash-Forward%3A-A-First-Look-at-FlashForward%21/embed 580 476]
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