‘Smallville’ Season 9 Preview: Has Tess Created a Super Mess?

Cassidy Freeman as Tess on Smallville (The CW)

Cassidy Freeman as Tess on Smallville (The CW)

Jimmy died in Chloe’s arms. Lois went missing in time. Clark clashed with Doomsday, and then declared himself “dead.” A lot happened in the ‘Smallville‘ finale, up to and including the closing moment where the infamous Zod resurfaced. And the megalomaniacal major isn’t alone. Far from it. As revealed in the Season 9 premiere (Friday at 8 pm, the CW), Tess and her orb antics led hundreds of Kandorian outcasts to call Earth home. Is the stage being set for all-out war between Krypton’s favorite son, Kal-El, and the host of heathens from his home world? Cassidy Freeman, who plays Tess, shared a look at what’s to come.

The season premiere portends some pretty ominous stuff.
I know – isn’t it exciting?

What happened as a result of Tess meddling with the orb, I guess we file that under: “Be Careful What You Wish For”?

Absolutely. I may have done a really bad thing!

But she ultimately comes to see an opportunity here. The arrival of these Kandorians could suit her purposes.
I think she is questioning in the back of her mind whether or not this was the right move, but she tries to make it the right move. She approaches every opportunity like that.

What’s the dynamic going to be between Tess and Zod (played by ‘Smallville’ newcomer Callum Blue)? They seem to be circling each other….

They definitely are. They each have information that the other wants , so it’s a really large cat-and-mouse game – and sometimes it gets brutal. Zod knowing that he has the possibility for all these powers – and Tess knowing that – makes for a fun back-and forth.

Looking back at the finale, do you find it ironic that the Tess-Lois fight was perhaps more satisfying than the Clark-Doomsday showdown?
[Laughs] Last season unfortunately fell prey to a lot of unknowns – they didn’t know if it was a season finale or a series finale until not long before shooting – so they tried to fit a lot of stuff. If it was up to me, it would have been a two-hour special! But it was a fun fight for the two of us. Anytime the girls get more screen time, it’s a good idea.

Well, I understand there’s a rematch in Episode 3.
Lois and I will always be going at it.

What sort of reaction did you get at Comic-Con this summer? Are fans now embracing Tess as the face of Luthercorp versus seeing her as a stand-in for Lex?

Comic-Con didn’t really focus on anything other than the fact that Tom Welling was sitting in the middle of the stage, and I was so happy that he finally got to see how in love with him people are. But yes, I hope that people see Tess as not just a Lex stand-in. I think people are confused because they expected her to be a knock-down villain, but she’s more complicated than that. And I like that there’s that debate.

Before we go, give one last tease about what’s ahead for Tess.
Man, I wield some serious weapons, and there are scenes in Episode 3 that are just so bad-ass. I’m really excited to see it!

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