‘Dexter’: A New Killer & A Killer’s Baby

Michael C. Hall turns into a brand new killer daddy on the season premiere of ‘Dexter‘ this Sunday.

“What’s coming up next? How does a serial killer balance his private life with his family life, and with work,” told us showrunner Melissa Rosenberg at a recent red carpet.

And just in case diaper duty starts to make Dexter a little soft, there’s also a new serial killer in town to keep him on his toes – played by the marvelous John Lithgow.

“John is amazing. He brings such gravitas to the show. His interaction with Michael, its like two powerhouses,” said Rosenberg.

The show will jump slightly into the future in order to introduce us to  Dexter Jr. But what does that mean for the rest of the characters?

“Every character has something new,” David Zayas told us about his character, Angel Bautista. “You know Angel, he’s always looking for love, sometimes in the wrong places, but sometimes in the good places. He’s always really involved in work.”

Watch the season premiere this Sunday night on Showtime.

With original reporting by Joseph Goldman

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