‘Housewives’ Dish: Bree Lets Loose, New Mysteries and More!

Drea De Matteo (ABC)

Drea De Matteo (ABC)

Entering its sixth season this Sunday at 9/8c, ‘Desperate Housewives’ doesn’t have another whiz-bang five-year time jump to shake things up. Instead, the ABC serial will be delivering old-fashioned adultery, a woman scorned, (unexpected) baby drama and yes, a new mystery family calling Wisteria Lane home. And did we mention the strangling? Executive producer Bob Daily shared a housewife-by-housewife look at the dramedy ahead.

Though she’s “a bit skittish” about embarking on an affair with divorce attorney Karl, Bree will arrive at a certain peace with her status as an adulterer. How will Orson react? “As he learns a little more about what’s going on with his wife,” says Daily, “he will take a bit of a darker turn, which will be interesting – to watch, and for Kyle MacLachlan to play.”

Felicity Huffman “laughed out loud” when the producers first told her that Lynette and Tom would, at this stage in life, be expecting another set of twins. “This is a woman who thought she was done, but now she feels like she’s birthing two every time one leaves!” Daily chuckles. This pregnancy won’t be played entirely for laughs however; rather, expect heavy drama in Week 2.

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Who did Mike make his Mrs. – Katherine or Susan? Daily would rather not discuss the bride’s identity, even though it’s revealed in the opening scenes. Instead, he will only tease that the resulting behavior of the jilted party will come to make viewers wonder: “Is she crazy, or devious? We’ll be going back and forth with that.”

The antics of newcomer Ana will test Gaby’s patience. “Last year we gave Gaby two daughters who were the antithesis of her. The idea with the niece is that she is a ‘mini Gaby,’ and a different kind of challenge,” says Daily. In fact, Ana might even follow in Gaby’s footsteps… right onto a fashion catwalk.

The cul de sac’s elder snarksperson joins the romantic mix when Karen McCluskey gets busy with a new beau (guest star Orson Bean) “We’ve always wanted to give [two-time Emmy winner] Kathryn Joosten a little somethin’-somethin’ to play,” says Daily, adding that this quiet hook-up could give Wisteria Lane a shake-up. “There will be ripple effects as it takes a dark turn.”

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A clan headed by Drea de Matteo (‘The Sopranos’) and Jeffrey Nordling (’24’) moves into Mary Alice’s house, and in keeping with tradition, they’re not lacking for secrets. For one, their son (a Robert Pattinson-esque Beau Mirchoff) seems to have left some dirty laundry back home. Secondly, the source of the family’s income “is a bit mysterious,” says Daily. Hey, perhaps Mom has Mob ties? “We’ve all been huge fans of Drea,” Daily says of casting the ‘Sopranos’ alum. “The fun of her character is she’s the last person you’d expect to move to Wisteria Lane.”

A longtime character is suddenly (and perhaps fatally) strangled in the season premiere’s closing moments. And despite what may be your initial theory on the assailant’s identity, “It’s not that obvious,” says Daily.

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