Laurence Fishburne On His New ‘CSI’ Stalker

Laurence Fishburne is a hit as Dr. Raymond Langston on ‘CSI‘, and he’s spilling the beans on the new bad guy.

“There’s going to be a serial killer introduced, and he’s a little obsessed with Langston,” he said. “We meet his first victim very early on . . . more than that, I do not know.”

Fans will also get to find out a little about Langston’s background – which Fishburne particularly had a hand in. “They wanted to make my character from Brooklyn, which is where I’m from,” he says, “and I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be more interesting if they made him from some place like, Seoul?’ “

“I told them, ‘He should speak globe-ish,’ ” he added, about his character’s language skills.

“They were like, ‘What’s that?’ It’s airport speak: You’re in an airport somewhere, halfway across the world, you need a little German, Chinese, French, Spanish, English, to communicate with people, because you’re stuck in the airport and you can’t go anywhere, but you gotta take a s- – – and you gotta eat, so what do you do?”

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