Opening Wide: The Surrogates, Pandorum, Fame

Robots, astronauts and dancers. That’s what you’ve got at the multiplex this weekend. Ever wish you could sit in a chair all day and command a robot to do your chores and do drugs and engage in lascivious behavior? That’s the world of The Surrogates, and it’s all fine until murder happens and Bruce Willis has to figure it out. There’s another mystery, this one in space, that has a horrifying bent to it in Pandorum. Back in reality, we’ve got kids learning how to sing, dance and perform like superstars in Fame. Check them out below!

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The Surrogates
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Bruce Willis stars as an FBI agent living in a world where all human interaction has been replaced by robotic avatars, save for small pockets of resistance. When it’s discovered that there’s a weapon that can kill living humans by killing their robotic replacements, he has to track down the conspirators threatening to undermine their new civilization.

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Fame! I wanna live forever! I wanna learn how to fly high! The classic film and TV series about young kids at a performing arts school striving to reach for their dreams gets a modern-day makeover for the American Idol era.

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Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster are two astronauts who wake up alone on a darkened spacecraft with no memory of how they got there, and no idea what those creepy noises coming from the belly of the ship could possibly be.

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