John Lithgow, Naked and Deadly on ‘Dexter’

John Lithgow Stars on 'Dexter' (Showtime)

John Lithgow Stars on 'Dexter' (Showtime)

John Lithgow will be showing off way more than his killer talents this fall on Showtime.

Lithgow guest stars on the new season of ‘Dexter,’ which premieres Sunday night on Showtime.

He’ll play an unsuspecting mild-mannered man who has also spent the last three decades on the loose as a murderous maniac known as ‘The Trinity Killer’–because he kills in threes.

And Lithgow will make your jaw drop before the first cut.

“I appear nude in the first three minutes of the season,” Lithgow tells Fancast.

The cast’s newest addition gave me the naked truth about his juicy new role when I chatted at a CBS-hosted stars party over the summer.

Are you excited about your killer new role?

“In a way it’s a return to form, although my career has taken many forms. I’m reverting to the old ‘Raising Cain,’ ‘Ricochet,’ ‘Obsession,’ ‘Blow Out’…you know, my Brian de Palma days.”

“It’s been wonderful reconnecting with that whole psycho suspense tradition.”

Do you like playing bad guys better than good guys?

“It’s never a matter of better, they’re all fun. The most fun thing is to surprise people.”

Does your character trade serial killer tips with Dexter? Do they fight over victims? How do these two killers interact?

“That I can not tell you, I’ll let your imagination run wild. I do have scenes with Michael C. Hall, I can tell you that. He’s such a good actor, and so smart.”

What else can we look forward to? Three is your magic number, so any love triangles…or, uh, three-ways perhaps?

“I really can’t tell you anything…but beyond that, I am seen doing a few nefarious acts. I sing a song. And I appear nude.”

How much nude?

“Showtime nude.”

Wow. How do you feel about getting naked on camera?

“It’s in an actor’s arsenal. I’ve appeared nude quite a few times actually, and it’s always been to either create comedy, horror, pathos…unfortunately it’s never been for anything considered erotic—except of course for the early porno films.”


“I appear nude in the first three minutes of the season. I urge you to watch it.”

John Lithgow will appear in all 12 episodes of Season 4 of ‘Dexter,’ which premieres Sunday, Sept. 27, on Showtime.

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