Kynt & Vyxsin’s Pink And Black Blast – Amazing Race Season 15 – THE RACE RETURNS!

(Monty Brinton/CBS)

(Monty Brinton/CBS)

Hello Everyone!

We are THRILLED to be back with you guys for another action-packed season of The Amazing Race! Once again, we will be blogging each week about the new series, as well as our own misadventures!

Last night, we attended a Season 15 PREMIERE PARTY, hosted by “Poker Girls” Tiffany and Michelle. The party was held at the Remedy Lounge in downtown Los Angeles, complete with a media Red Carpet to welcome guests and celebrities. We were pleased to also have the chance to meet the “Brothers from Missouri” Sam and Dan, who flew to LA specifically for the Premiere Bash.

Tiffany and Michelle were wonderful party hosts!

The Poker Girls: Tiffany and Michelle were wonderful party hosts!

Last season, we saw CBS and World Race Productions revamp and rework the show with sharper videography, a new editing style, and updated graphics/musical scores. This season followed in those footsteps nicely…..with the “big twist” being the elimination of “Yoga team” Eric & Lisa right at the startling line.

Some of our observations from this Premiere episode:

*Eric & Lisa —– we never even knew you. We were saddened to see you become the first team in Amazing Race history to be eliminated before leaving US borders.

[iframe—Sneak-Peek-of-Episode-1/embed 420 385]

*The Japanese Game Show challenge was one of the most memorable moment’s ever in the series. The chaotic graphics and spazztastic host created a “show within the show” on this premiere. This challenge actually makes us want to start tuning in to ABC’s ‘I Survived a Japanese Game Show’ series.

*The rain/flooding in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam was unbelievable. It was impossible to keep your feet dry there.

*In Japan, each team had to “herd” a group of 20 Japanese Game Show audience members to the Piststop. In Vietnam, each team had to “herd” a group of ducks into a pen. Great comedy and irony here!

We have been speaking to many longtime fans of the series and a few recurring topics which seem to be at the forefront:

*The lack of Female-Female teams —– This season there is only ONE Female-Female team. This has led to some discussions and “finger pointing” that this season is “gender unequal.” But you know what? On our season 12, how many Male-Male teams were there? ONE. And yet no one seemed to be “offended” over the “gender inequity” in that. Personally, when we watch the Amazing Race each year, we tune in to see interesting PERSONALITIES, DYNAMICS, and BACK-STORIES. We don’t assess the cast with a check-list of genders, sexual orientations, hair/eye colors, heights, etc. The Race has proven over the course of 15 seasons to be committed to presenting DIVERSITY in their cast, more so than many reality shows quite honestly. The Amazing Race was the first reality program to feature an openly gay couple — namely The Guidos. So if you are pointing your “finger of misogyny” at the Amazing Race this season for only having one Female-Female team…….sorry Charlie…..the casting is based on personalities not a standardized-team-checklist. If the race was cast based on every season having: 3 Female/Female Teams, 3 Male/Male teams, and 5 Male/Female teams……you know what you would have? The antithesis of diversity —– a predictable, monotonous, and BORING cookbook-style TV program. Yeah, that would suck.

*This is one ATHLETIC CAST. Take a look at the roster here. You have Harlem Globetrotters. You had Yoga instructors Eric & Lisa. Soccer players Meghan & Cheyne.

[iframe—Meet-The-Cast/embed 420 385]

*Mika & Canaan — virgins? They alluded to Canaan being “sexually pure,” we sense this story will be developed more next Sunday.

*”Celebrity Players” — Good idea or Bad idea? Fans have noted that this season has more “celebrity players” than any previous Race. We have a former Miss America, two Harlem Globetrotters, a country
singer/songwriter, and two TV-Poker queens. Some fans have expressed disapproval of this style of casting. Our opinion: Unique personalities and perspectives are what make the Race the show it is. This cast IS very different from that in previous seasons…..but that isn’t a bad thing, it makes this season all the more unpredictable.

*LACK OF DETOURS IN EPISODE 1. What? No Detours? Fans are wondering if this is going to be the case all season long…..or just for the Premiere.

*Could the Speedbump task have been any easier? Take a tray of dinner to a guy down the street. Ummmmmm…….we had to rub our eyes hard to make sure they weren’t failing us. At this moment in the broadcast, we actually wondered (in all seriousness) if perhaps the original Speedbump task set on fire or exploded, and this was the “last minute replacement task” since there was not time to rebuild the original.

*Phil Phil Phil. Everyone seems happy to have him back on their TV screens!

Although it is FAR to early to pick a winner or even truly analyze the teams accurately after just one episode, this cast seems devoid of “roadkill-teams”…….that is, the teams you see in the cast announcement that you almost pity……that you KNOW will be eliminated within the first 2-3 episodes. This is a very competent group over-all.

Last Sunday night, the Amazing Race picked up its SEVENTH Primetime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Reality Series.” By the looks of the pace set by Episode 1, the program’s staff definitely does not want to let
go of their vicegrip on that honor. The first Episode presented a fast-paced two hours which were emotive, memorable, and in true Race fashion just-plain-FUN. The new season feels like a roller-coaster already…..that is the feeling we have grown to expect from the Amazing Race and it is BACK without question.

Sam and Dan!

The Brothers: Sam and Dan!

Our personal favorite teams thus far: Sam & Dan, Tiffany & Michelle, and the Globetrotters no question! You had comedy in the brothers, a touch of villainy in the Poker girls, and a powerhouse in the Globetrotters. These are the 3 teams to watch. Honorable mention to Gary & Matt, the son is showing some slick style with his pink hair-do.


We will be back here with you NEXT MONDAY with our review of Amazing Race Episode #2!

See you RIGHT HERE on next time —– DON’T MISS IT!!!

:::Kisses and Cupcakes:::

Kynt and Vyxsin

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