‘DWTS’ Recap: Stars Slip and Stumble in Week 2

'Dancing with the Stars' (ABC)

First week jitters may be out of the way, but pressure and expectations never go away, and most of the stars got a Week 2 whooping on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

For their ‘Dancing’ debuts, the stars had four weeks to prepare their first dances, but they all struggled with having just four days to learn their new routines.

Aaron and Karina and Mya and Dmitry dominated once again, tying for first place and scoring the first nines of the season. Kelly Osbourne flubbed, Mark Dasascos slipped and Tom DeLay nearly dropped Cheryl Burke. NFL legend Michael Irvin made a comeback and Chuck Liddell made scary sexy.

Meanwhile, ‘DanceMaster’ Len Goodman was missing from the middle, but Australian director Baz Luhrmann (of the acclaimed movie musical ‘Moulin Rouge’) sat in to offer a fresh opinion and words of encouragement–which amounted to everyone being “fantastic.”

Joanna and Derek, Dance: Jive
Looking like a reject from a Whitesnake video, Joanna and her immovable face kicked off the night with “gusto,” according to Carrie Ann, even though her feet were “spastic” and a little “out of control.” Baz says she’s “fantastic” and alternately calls her and Derek a “great couple” who need “more relationship” between them. I’m still too distracted by the two-feet long matted roadkill attached to her head and the shredded dress to contemplate the actual dancing, but a 20 seems fair.
Score: 20

Natalie and Alec, Dance: Quick Step
Natalie’s swimming secret weapon is her dancing Achilles heel: holding her breath. It prevents her from having any fluidity, but Bruno says if she relaxes a little more, she “could be amazing.” Carrie Ann breaks judge etiquette by admitting out loud that Natalie is one of her favorite competitors. Baz says she was “fantastic,” considering it was “such a difficult dance.” Solid sevens, solid contender. My early pick as the dark horse.
Score: 21

Chuck and Anna, Dance: Tango
Strong and fearless, despite being sooo far out of his element, Ultimate Fighter Chuck wanted to put some of his fighting moves into the choreography. It worked because Carrie Ann “was a little frightened” and called it “sexy-scary.” Bruno said something about “savage” and “prim evil,” but at least I understood what Baz said: It was “fantastic.”
Score: 19

Melissa and Mark, Dance: Jive
Last week, Melissa was “very beige,” this week she’s “bright red,” says Carrie Ann. Bruno was somewhat charmed by the Mickey Mouse jive, saying the pair was “flittering like lady bugs” but had “a lot up here, not down there.” (He’s talking about their feet, just FYI.) The crowd lays on some heavy boos with the scores, but if i were Melissa and Mark, I’d be more concerned that Baz failed to call them “fantastic.”
Score: 19

Michael and Anna, Dance: Quick Step
After dazzling the dance floor with his charm rather than his smooth moves, Irvin used his athlete’s mindset to put last week’s “lack of content” behind him. This time, “You gave us content, everything was there,” said Bruno, commending the Cowboy’s “good improvement.” Baz is right on calling Irvin “a natural performer” with “great charm” who is…wait for it…”FANTASTIC!” Carrie Ann’s take: “Touchdown!” Pulling a respectable ’20,’ the audience still thought he got jipped, hence even louder boos for the judges.
Score: 20

Debi and Maks, Dance: Tango
And we have tears! The notorious meltdown-inducing bad boy may have set a new record, making Debi Mazar cry in the second week. Maks tough tough love comes from the heart, and so did Team Tuffy’s “I love you, I hate you” angle for the tango, replete with Debi (playfully) smacking Maks across the face. Carrie Ann calls Debi a “drama queen,” and in this ballroom, that’s a bold statement. “Girl, you worked it!” she added. Bruno loves that she is a feisty “ball breaker,” which apparently you are allowed to say on TV, but notes she’s “at times, shaky.” I’d chastise them for trying to get brownie points from Baz by dancing to Moulin’s ‘Roxanne,’ but I like them too much. P.S. Baz Luhrmann’s “fantastic” count is now at five.
Score: 21

Louie and Chelsie, Dance: Jive
It scares me when I agree too much with Carrie Ann, but she’s right: This kid is just a joy to watch. Louie’s “energy is contagious” though he “lost touch with the music” at certain points. Bruno plays devil’s advocate for no reason whatsoever, saying the snowboarder “did too little” and was just “mucking about.” Baz checks a thesaurus between commercial breaks and describes Louie and Chelsie’s routine as “tremendous.”
Score: 19

Aaron and Karina, Dance: Quick Step
Last week’s #1 couple certainly didn’t need to pull any gimmicks, which we all know Len hates, but how could you not smile when a special guest appearance by the Muppets when they started shouting, ‘Dance! Dance! A & K’s Muppets-inspired, whimsical quick step was truly unique, with Aaron decked out in Kermie green and Karina’s playful Miss Piggy–and the awesome flouncy feather skirt I want to steal from her. Bruno summed it up in two words: “Spectacular! Spectacular!”
Score: 27

Kelly O and Louis, Dance: Tango
Louis tried to tackle Kelly’s confidence issue and Kelly admits wowing the crowd in her ‘Dancing’ debut has put enormous pressure on her to follow-up this week. She doesn’t pull it off, making a blunder right at the top of the routine, but charms her way through it with a giggle and shows she’s “a fighter.” Mom Sharon showed unwavering support from the crowd, proud of flubs and all. Carrie Ann’s impressed that Kelly’s “building a baseline technique,” while Bruno can’t ignore the dance went “very wrong with the mistakes.” Baz gets original and says she’s a “self-revelation” and then declares it…”fantastic.”
Score: 19

Kathy and Tony, Dance: Quick Step
Too sweet and too bland, Kathy and Tony at least looked “elegant” for their “King and I” twirling. The “presentation went up” but they failed to “stand out” and “need to be more engaging.” Carrie Ann called them out for being too “spacious,” (what we might call ‘respectful’) and Bruno thinks that Kathy is “so reserved” it’s “disturbing.” That was uncalled for, and so was making it awkward by telling Tony he needs to get up on her more. She’s not a supermodel anymore people, she’s a Sunday school teacher!
Score: 18

Mark and Lacey, Dance: Quick Step
The Chairman is also the “King of Swing,” and a “great performer” who knows how to sell it–and how to recover gracefully from a little oopsie. Bruno wants to get his feet under control and Carrie Ann wants him to breath, but this guy is definitely in the top tier.
Score: 21

Mya and Dmitry, Dance: Jive
“Fantastic!” Yeah, he went there. Again.. But Baz also says his ‘Moulin’ mistress Mya “is the real deal.” Carrie Ann thinks Len would not have liked the beginning, but that she “disappeared into the dance.” EWhatever that means. Bruno calls her “Mya the Magnificent” and scares Tom Bergeron briefly when he says watching Mya and Dmitry was like “Josephine Baker and Clark Kent doing it like I’ve never seen before.”
Score: 27

Tom and Cheryl, Dance: Tango
Don’t call him Twinkle Toes. In rehearsals, Tom says his toes hurt but he carries on. Until his tango almost turned tragic when he stumbled at the end and nearly dropped Cheryl! Wheezy and a bit startled, DeLay stood tall for the judges, who admired his “determination,” but as Bruno said, “it went to pieces.”
Score: 18

Donny and Kym, Dance: Jive
Lots of smack talk about the 51-year-old teen heartthrob getting old for some reason. But the upbeat, energetic jive was perfectly suited for Donny, all sparkles and smiles, jamming as an Austin Powers-esque “Secret Agent Man” in a crushed blue velvet suit. Bruno declared it “mission accomplished” and “well executed,” with a “touch of Travolta.” (Um, was that a compliment?) Carrie Ann thinks the Osmonds own the entertainment industry and loves Kym’s outfit. Baz: “Fantastic.”
Score: 25

Week 2 Leaderboard

Aaron and Karina: 27
Mya and Dmitry: 27
Donny and Kym: 25
Mark and Lacey: 21
Debi and Maks: 21
Natalie and Alec: 21
Joanna and Derek: 20
Michael and Anna: 20
Chuck and Anna: 19
Kelly and Louis: 19
Louis and Chelsie: 19
Melissa and Mark: 19
Kathy and Tony: 18
Tom and Cheryl: 18

Elimination Prediction: Tom DeLay

Who do you think should go home next?

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