‘Hills’ Star Denies Salary Report

Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag of 'The Hills' (MTV)

Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag of 'The Hills' (MTV)

What’s worse than reality stars that won’t go away? Discovering how much they make to let viewers into their ‘real’ worlds.

Heidi Montag is denying reports that she makes $100,000 per episode to stare blankly at husband Spencer each week on ‘The Hills.’

The Daily Beast recently published an article that claimed to expose the salaries of the cast members of MTV’s hit reality show, and they were pretty exorbitant.

Montag found her way to a microphone to shoot down the claims.

“We have never made that and we are not making that,” she tells Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush of the six-figure numbers. “I wish that were true!”

“No one is making those figures,” says Montag, who, of course, would not disclose her actual salary, teasing that it’s “top secret” but “not what you would think at all.”

While she claims to not actually know what anyone makes, Montag is certain “those figures are definitely wrong. We all do it because we love it, not because it’s a job.”


According to the article, ‘The Hills’ stars make the following amounts:

~New mean girl Kristin Cavallari is being paid $90,000 per episode
~Former star Lauren Conrad pulled in $125,000 per episode
~Montag, Audrina Patridge and ‘Lo’ Bosworth net $100,000 per episode
~King villain Spencer Pratt makes just $65,000 per episode
~Bone-headed pretty boy Brody Jenner was listed as earning $45,000 per episode.

For comparison on how those reported salaries rank within the reality world, some sources peg the ‘Real Housewives‘ at $35,000 an episode, while TLC trainwreckers ‘Jon & Kate‘–soon to be renamed ‘Kate Plus Eight’–allegedly haul in a combined $75,000 an episode.

So let’s hope those inflated ‘Hills’ paychecks are as fake as the drama on their show.

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