John Cho Provides A Glimpse Into The Future of ‘FlashForward’

John Cho (ABC)

John Cho (ABC)

In ABC’s latest success story, FlashForward, John Cho is the likable and sunnier (so far) partner to Joseph Fiennes’ tortured cop Mark Benford. (Suffice to say that Cho’s character Demetri will even consider dancing to ‘Islands in the Stream’ at his wedding, whereas Mark comes off as far more of a Morrissey fan.) This morning Cho took time out to talk to Fancast about what the future holds for this mind-bending new show.

Watch the pilot episode of FlashForward here

When you read the pilot script, and came to the scene where you learned that your character Demetri doesn’t have a vision of the future, was your reaction the same as his? Did you think, “Damn, I’m being killed off, I won’t be in season two….”?

I kept going back and forth. I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m going to die…this guy’s gonna die…’ and then I thought, ‘Would they do that? They wouldn’t do that!’ It makes sense either way. It would be logical and interesting and dramatic if he died. Then you think, ‘They could totally pull the rug out from people and have him live,’ and what an interesting explanation that would be. If you take it to him surviving, there’s so many interesting explanations as to why. I’ve heard people think I may be in a coma, that I was on the operating table, or that I’m the evil mastermind. I look forward to discovering that.

Watch a clip from Thursday night’s episode:

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What’s the most surprising thing we’re going to learn about your character this season?

I don’t know if this is surprising at all, but I think he’s going to start taking steps to see if he can alter the future. Which one would do if one was afraid one might die.

Beyond Demetri, if you had to advise viewers to focus on one other character as being a key player in this mystery, who would you recommend we keep an eye on?

Sounds like a spoiler alert. You know what? It doesn’t even matter actually. The level of attention to detail by this staff is unbelievable, and everyone has a thread going on. Everyone. Really. I’m shocked at how many balls they have in the air. So there’s no sense in me pointing one particular person out. I’ll say this – not only does everyone have a thread to follow, at a breakneck pace our writers are breaking these stories. We’re in episode eight, and I cannot believe how much has been revealed. I’m starting to worry. I’m like, “You guys – slow it down a little bit. Kill some time!”

If you had the opportunity, would you want a glimpse into your own future, or would you prefer not to know?

I think I’d take it. Although that’s probably not wise. I’m the kind of person who would hear something at a party, and think they were talking about me, and obsess about it. If I can’t handle stray gossip, then I probably shouldn’t be entrusted with a glimpse of my future.

The second episode of the FlashForward mystery unfurls tomorrow night, (Thursday, Oct. 1), at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT, on ABC. Not on board yet? Catch the riveting pilot right here on Fancast.

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