Stephanie Pratt: “I Hate What ‘The Hills’ Has Turned My Life Into”

We’re going to be flat out honest here: We really like Stephanie Pratt. At 23, she is straightforward and sweet. She tells it like she feels it. She did some red carpet commentary for Fancast during the Emmy Awards, and users loved dishing with her.

She has also been blessed in the looks department. But she’s struggled with eating issues, and opened up about the kind of insecurities that has let other girls relate to her more than some of her co-stars on ‘The Hills‘, which premiered September 29. “My self-esteem has always been one of my biggest issues,” she told US Weekly in June. “I’ve always been insecure about my body.”

And then she dropped a bombshell this week. “I think Audrina (Patridge), Lo (Bosworth) and I are all going to leave after these 10 episodes,” she told “I was going to stay and see what happens after these 10 episodes, but I just don’t think I can stand ‘The Hills’ anymore.”

Wait. She can’t stand ‘The Hills’?

“I hate what this show has turned my life into,” she said as she got ready for a video shoot from her home in Pacific Palisades. “I’m so happy and blessed, but I wasn’t prepared for this. I didn’t grow up wanting to be an actor.”

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There’s more.

Stephanie says she was recently devastated when Roxy Olin, one of her best friends since grade school, walked out of her life and into a juicy role on ‘The City‘ as Whitney Port’s best pal – and according to her, the two were not even close with Port. She recently spoke about that situation and more.

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Since it’s on your mind, tell me about your friendship with Roxy Olin?
[She’s] the best friend I have had since the 7th grade pretty [and she] much took my heart out and stabbed it. She wanted to be an actress her whole life. Her dad actually does the show ‘Brothers & Sisters’ along with his wife [Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig] Since her parents are in that business, she has always wanted to be an actress. She grew up in LA and went to the same school as me. I have a matching tattoo with [Roxy]. We’re complete soul mates.

But you went separate ways for a few years and then ran into each other again?
Yeah [Pratt went to France and Olin to New York], and then we ran into each other in LA and we started to talk. At that time I had fallen into ‘The Hills,’ and she ended up being on an episode with me. She wanted to stay on it, but her parents didn’t let her. Her mother said some pretty mean things about reality TV, saying that she comes from a family of respected actors and that there’s no way she’ll be on reality TV. It was pretty crazy. So she was totally bummed.

But she almost ended up on ‘The Hills’ right?
I knew she really wanted to do it. I told her to ask her parents if she could come back on the show. I knew Lauren [Conrad] was leaving and it could be us against Kristin [Cavallari]. It would be great. She asked her parents and they were supportive of it. I thought it was fabulous and I was so excited. So I called [‘The Hills’ creator and executive producer] Adam DiVello and we set up a meeting and basically I told him about the idea. They made a meeting, and she called me right after and she said that her test shoot was gonna be in New York

How did you feel about the possibility of her coming on board?
I was so excited!

And then things went a little sour?
We were at the MTV Movie awards,sitting in our seats and she goes up to use the restroom and Adam DiVello comes and sits down next to me in her seat. I had Audrina [Patridge] to my left, Holly [Montag] behind me, Lo [Bosworth] to my right and then Lauren). So Adam is like “Your friend is leaving for New York!” I was shocked and asked him what he was talking about. He said, “Your best friend is leaving.” And I started to cry. Audrina and Holly and Lo and Lauren then huddled up around me. They were like my makeup squad, trying to help me get myself together.

Did you talk to your friend about it?
I didn’t say anything to her. Then at the after-party, I’m sitting there watching Roxy, who is not even friends with Whitney, holding her hand and going around and meeting everyone. Roxy was like “I can’t wait to be on ‘The City,'” and I’m overhearing this, and I’m like “What!? What is going on? She hates Whitney!” I felt like I was just kind of like losing my mind. So we leave and I didn’t want to bring it up yet. I can’t even explain the feeling. Afterwards I finally called her and said “I gotta know, if you’re going in ‘The City,’ I would really like to talk to you about it.”

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What did she say?
She called me on a Thursday while I was at my parent’s beach house in Santa Barbara and asked me to get a coffee. I told her that I was coming back tomorrow and we should get lunch. Suddenly she said, “I’m moving for New York tomorrow. I’m gonna be on ‘The City’,” and I just fell to pieces.

Did you ever get an explanation?
Adam called me to explain. I was like “How can you do this to me? Roxy is my best friend in the whole world. She keeps me sane and you’re putting her on this show. And we don’t even get along with this girl.” And he goes, “Stephanie, she came into that meeting saying, ‘Listen I’m tired of being Stephanie’s sidekick. If I’m gonna give up acting to be on a reality show then I wanna be a main character and not a sidekick on the fifth season on ‘The Hills.'” He also said “Stephanie, she said she doesn’t want to live in your shadow.”

Have you talked to her about it since?
I still haven’t talked to her about it. She still hasn’t called. I’ve been following her on Twitter though. She was like “Loving ‘The City’ life, loving my friend Whitney.” I just can’t believe it. All I did was try to help her. For two years.

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How did you take that?
It’s not news to me because I’ve been doing it for two years. But I hate LA. I hate what this show has turned my life into. I’m so happy and blessed to be doing this. But I wasn’t prepared for this.

How do you feel about Whitney?
We both went to school with Whitney Port. Whitney was never my best friend. She wasn’t into fashion, we weren’t friends with her. I don’t know who she was friends with. She definitely fell into this show too, working at Teen Vogue. And we weren’t the biggest fans of her, because she was kind of stuck up…She was very nice though. I mean I could be friends with anyone and it’s the same with Roxy, but we just never became friends.

How do you cope when things go wrong like this?
If something is ever terribly wrong, I have Lo, Audrina and Lauren ready to come over, sleep over, go get coffee, and talk. That’s pretty much how I kind of stay okay.

What are you doing today?
I woke up at 9:30am, which is sleeping in for me. And I have like 65 emails!

Take me through a typical day for you.
It’s getting a lot crazier and busier, which I absolutely love. I’ll give you a typical great day. I’ve been traveling so much. I’ll wake up at around 7:30, because I have a little dog. I take him on a quick walk [in my neighborhood] and feed him. While he’s eating, I get ready. Every morning I need a shower just to wake me up. I have a two bedroom place above [Pacific Coast Highway], but all of my work is over in Hollywood, so it’s a far drive. I get a Brazilian blow-out, which makes my hair time just 10 minutes. Getting dressed takes a while.

Why does it take you a while?
I’m obsessed with clothes and making sure no one has ever seen an outfit like mine. That’s usually the longest time of my day! I can’t do it the night before because I dress according to the mood I’m in.

Stephanie Pratt (Getty Images)

Stephanie Pratt (Getty Images)

How do you deal with shooting the scenes on the show?
Last night it was a club night and something went down. But I might be going to Audrina’s Hollywood house to spend the night. Or I might take a break to do a photo shoot. I might then meet with my publicist or agent about whatever is going on at that time. So in the morning I pack a huge bag, probably like with six different outfits, even if it’s only a three scene day, in my car.

What do you do for fun?
Really, I’m really just a homebody. I did all my partying when I was 17, 18 and 19. So now for me I am just too exhausted to do the Hollywood thing at night. It doesn’t really happen unless it’s for filming.

What do you do to de-stress after a long day of shooting?
Music. It always puts me in a good mood. I’ll get cheesy and listen to Aly & AJ and The Potential Breakup song, or Ali Lohan. These young songs that just make me feel good. They make me feel that if I mess up it’s not the end of the world. It automatically puts me in a good mood.

Do you watch much TV?
I watch DVD’s of ‘It’s Always Sunny.’ After being on the show after two years, I need something like that to laugh out loud. I would love to be on that kind of a show, just away from LA. I also watch ‘Arrested Development,’ and if I’m kind of ODing on both of those, I’ll watch ‘The Office’ and ’30 Rock.’ When I’m really, really sad, and when I feel like my life is passing before my eyes then I always have the show ‘Friends.’ I have the boxed set in English and French. It’s like Mac N’ Cheese, a total comfort food. It just makes me feel better.

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