TLC Suspends ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8,’ Slams Jon Gosselin

Kate Plus Three of the Eight (TLC)

Kate Plus Three of the Eight (TLC)

It’s war!

TLC has suspended production of ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8‘ until further notice (or until Jon and Kate get it together!).

The network issued a statement to Jon Gosselin’s legal maneuver to end the show, calling the father of eight ‘self-destructive,’ ‘erratic’ and ‘unprofessional.’

“We are aware of Jon Gosselin’s recent statements, and remain deeply disappointed at his continued erratic behavior. He and the family were shooting as recently as last Friday, without incident, and his latest comments are grossly inaccurate, without merit and are clearly opportunistic. Despite Jon Gosselin’s repeated self destructive and unprofessional actions, he remains under an exclusive contract with TLC. Direct filming of the children has been currently suspended, pending further conversations between both parents.”

Jon Gosselin filed a “cease and desist” order against the network Thursday, demanding production on the television show stop because it is ‘detrimental’ to his children.

“Basically we’ve put a halt on the show,” lawyer Mike Heller tells People. “Jon has been talking to TLC for a long time to cut back on the production and still honor his contract–because it’s been getting in the way of his family, his children are complaining.”

“This is not a ploy,” Heller added. “It’s an approach that he thinks will help him reconcile with his wife.”

“It’s been hurting the relationship that he’s trying to reconcile with his wife–he’s trying to get back with her as a parent,” Heller says. “They are the mom and dad of their children [but] they talk by text message. He wants to take 90 days.”

Kate Gosselin issued this response:

“I’m saddened and confused by Jon’s public media statements. Jon has never expressed any concerns to me about our children being involved in the show and, in fact, is on the record as saying he believes the show benefits our children and was taping on Friday with the kids,” Kate said in a statement per Access Hollywood.

She goes on to say, “I check in regularly with each of the kids to be sure they want to participate in and continue with the show and will continue to do so. I do the show for my family because I believe it provides us opportunities we wouldn’t otherwise have. Jon used to share that belief until as recently as the day the network announced the name change of the show and indicated that Jon would have a lesser role in the show.”

“It appears that Jon’s priority is Jon and his interests,” Kate says. “My priority remains our children and their well-being.”

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