FlashForward: “We’re All Prophets Now”

FlashForward (ABC)

FlashForward (ABC)

New Players

Lynn Whitfield shows up as some sort of national Deputy Secretary such-and-such, which means she’s got her jurisdiction, and she’s gonna tell you where to put yours. Her job is to first sneer at the cute notion that this one measly branch office (although it is the L.A. one! Holla!) thinks they can solve this whole blackout by their little regional selves; and then it’s her job to sit back and open wide for a big steamin’ slice of humble pie, ’cause Wedeck and his people have already figured some stuff out, beeyotch.

The Puzzle Pieces

Olivia assures Mark at least fifty times that she’ll never cheat on him, and that if she meets up with this naked mystery man from her vision, she’ll pretty much run screaming in the opposite direction. And then she does meet up with him, and his name is Lloyd Simcoe, and he’s the father of her young patient Noah, and so she can’t run screaming in the opposite direction, because that would be a bad beside manner. Besides, she’s gonna wanna brush up on her bedside manners – he’s kind of cute.

Mark and Demetri don’t have to look far for the mysterious D. Gibbons. Well, not at first. A Deirdre “DeeDee” Gibbons shows up at the FBI office, looking for Demetri. In her vision, she was arguing with her credit card company about some fraudulent charges, and telling them to confirm her story with Detectives Benford and Noh. So she tracks down Demetri to get this all straightened out, because damn if she’s going to have her credit score swirl down the toilet along with mankind’s apparent fate. At any rate, this particular D. Gibbons bakes frothy cupcakes and wears a pink leisure suit and uses words like “snippety.” The guys somehow don’t think she’s in on the whole worldwide blackout conspiracy thing. But hey – maybe the guy who stole her identity is? And he’s racking up some fraudulent charges in Utah as they speak!

Traveling to Utah to track down the Alias D. Gibbons, Demetri meets a local lady sheriff who didn’t have a vision, either. She says she’s fine with that, because everyone else seems to be whipping themselves into a frenzy about their stupid visions. This comforts him. Yeah, screw these idiots who are yammering on about their damn visions!

Demetri and Mark track the mysterious shadow figure of Alias D. Gibbons into a creepy abandoned doll factory. Yes, really. This is a great show so far, but honestly….a creepy abandoned doll factory? Doesn’t being a mysterious shadow figure carry enough cache on its own? Overkill, much?

So, Alias D. Gibbons triggers a bomb, and shoots the lady sheriff dead, and escapes.

Demetri is no longer comforted by the fact that the lady sheriff didn’t have a vision, either. But they ignore that for the moment. Demetri thinks this Alias D. Gibbons is also investigating what happened during the blackouts, if the data on his fancy computers and equipment is any indication. There’s some other good clues left in the wake of charred doll rubble. Like proof that Alias D. Gibbons made a phone call. During the blackout. To Suspect 0 from the Detroit stadium.

Wee Charlie Benford is tight-lipped about her glimpse into the future for most of the episode. She does spot Dylan Simcoe in the hospital at one point and freaks out – ’cause she knows him from her vision. Later, her dad is trying to reassure her that the bad visions probably don’t come true, which comforts her, because, as she informs him in the final frame, “D. Gibbons is a bad man.”

Duh da duhhhhhhhhhhn.

The Mosaic Project

Janis Hawk – the lady fed who envisions herself pregnant – decides to post on the Mosaic board about her vision of having an ultrasound and expecting a baby girl. Who knows – maybe she’ll hook up with the ultrasound technician? She talks Demetri into posting about his lack of vision.

By ep’s end, Demetri gets a phone call. A mystery woman saw his Mosaic posting, and tells him in her vision, she was reading an intelligence report which stated that Demetri was/will be murdered on March 15.

The Bulletin Board

(1) Mark and Demetri chase the mysterious D. Gibbons down….straight into a creepy abandoned doll factory. (2) Mark acquires his charred doll crime scene photo….thanks to the creepy abandoned doll factory, again. (3) Mark burns the friendship bracelet that daughter Charlie gave to him. We can probably blame this on the creepy abandoned doll factory somehow, too. Maybe after a long day of sifting through charred creepy doll remains, sentimental trinkets start to look stupid and insignificant.

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