Kate’s Lawyers Say Jon Can’t Stop Show

Kate Gosselin (Douglas Healey/Getty Images)

Kate Gosselin (Douglas Healey/Getty Images)

The biggest drama on TV isn’t ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ revolving door or even David Letterman’s bombshell; it’s happening behind-the-scenes of the beleaguered reality TV show
Jon & Kate Plus 8.’

Lawyers for Kate Gosselin retaliated Friday, claiming her estranged husband Jon can’t stop production of the TLC show for good, despite his legal posturing this week.

While Kate says she is “saddened and confused” by Jon’s actions, her lawyer appeared on ‘The Today Show,’ saying Jon doesn’t have much of a case:

“These parties entered into an agreement once the divorce action was filed that allowed each parent–who had physical custody of the children–to make the filming decisions when the children were with them,” lawyer Mark Momjian said Friday.

“When the children are with Kate, Jon agreed that Kate would make the filming decisions involving the kids,” he added.

Kate’s legal eagle also questioned the timing of Jon’s “epiphany,” as he called it when speaking with Larry King Thursday night, saying the father of eight has ulterior motives.

“This is less about a change of heart and more about a change of strategy on Jon’s part,” Momjian said.

It all comes down to money, say inside sources.

Jon has been trying to get out of his contract for months, according to TMZ, and TLC reportedly was willing to continue to pay Jon, even if he was no longer appearing on the show. The hitch was that Gosselin couldn’t become involved in any other show without TLC’s permission, and that’s what TMZ says was the sticking point and what led Gosselin’s lawyers to have the production shut down.

Jon’s freedom ride certainly has been costly, even if it means freeing himself from a domineering wife. Do you think it’s worth it in the long run? Perhaps.

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~Jon apologized to Kate on TV.

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