Steve Carell’s Daughter In Business With Billy Ray Cyrus?

Steve Carell moved to Los Angeles a few years ago, but he’s still worried about his young daughter growing up in the city – because she made $35 from Billy Ray Cyrus.

‘The Office’s’ Carell told Jay Leno on Wednesday night that she had an interesting encounter with the musician, the paparazzi chasing him, and the police chasing them.

“As happens in most lemonade stands, Billy Ray Cyrus comes by walking his dog and drops $20 on a cup of lemonade, free cookie included,” he told Jay. “So she keeps the 20. And then the paparazzi who had been following Billy Ray Cyrus come and buy lemonade as well so we’re up to about $30. Then the police who were called to chase away the paparazzi circled back and bought lemonade. Now she thinks she can do this for a living.”

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