10 TV Reunions We’d Like To See

You were right, Peaches & Herb: Reunited does feel pretty good.

In fact, the makeshift Seinfeld reunion on this Sunday’s Curb Your Enthusiasm is giving us a touch of reunion fever.

Go behind the scenes of the Seinfeld reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm

Sure, plenty of series have already cashed in on the reunion check… but we certainly didn’t let that stop us.

Read about what’s in store for this Sunday’s episode of Curb

We found a whole other bunch of shows we’d love to see back on the small screen, remembered where we left our old friends—and imagined where we might find them again after all these years.

Baywatch (1989-2001)

Where We Left Them: On the sandy shores of Hawaii, where every cast member but David Hasselhoff jumped ship long ago.

Where Are They Now? The beach lies unattended while the Hoff, Pam Anderson, and the rest of the crew struggle to fit into their original red swimsuits. Don’t swim out too far, kids… this could take a while.

ALF (1986-1990)

Where We Left Them: ALF was about to be rescued by aliens from his home planet when he was captured by the “Alien Task Force.” The episode ended with a “To Be Continued…” but the series inexplicably ended there. The plot wasn’t concluded until *six* years later with the TV movie Project ALF—starring Martin Sheen! As IMDb is my witness, I am not making this up.

Where Are They Now? Everybody’s favorite wisecracking alien returns to check on the Tanner family—only to be detained by overzealous Homeland Security agents. But… they foolishly leave him alone with only a surly housecat to guard him! Yum! Watch full episodes of Alf here!

Friends (1994-2004)

Where We Left Them: Phoebe got married, Monica and Chandler brought home their twins, Ross and Rachel finally got back together, and Joey moved to LA to test our loyalty with 46 episodes of his own spinoff.

Where Are They Now? Joey admits he made a (46-episode) mistake and moves back to New York, happy to crash in one of Monica and Chandler’s old baby cribs. Phoebe becomes an Internet sensation when her “Smelly Cat” video blows up on YouTube. And Ross and Rachel break up… but then get back together!… but then break up again… but end up together! All in one half-hour! Watch full episodes of Friends here!

Who’s The Boss? (1984-1992)

Where We Left Them: Tony left his job teaching at an Iowa university (yes, you read that right) to return to Connecticut and reunite with Angela.

Where Are They Now? Hit hard by the economy, Angela finds herself out of a job… and forced to work as Tony’s housekeeper! *Now* who’s the boss? Sadly, Mona passed away doing what she loved best—the horizontal mambo—but her ghost still hangs around to criticize Angela’s sex life.

Cops (1989-present)

Where We Left Them: Oh, they never left. Cops are still chasing down shirtless crooks every Saturday night on Fox.

Where Are They Now? Old wounds are healed as officers and perps reminisce about the show’s finest moments: “Remember when you tried to vault that chain-link fence and I wrestled you to the ground? Good times, good times.” Watch full episodes of Cops here!

Doogie Howser, M.D. (1989-1993)

Where We Left Them: Doogie contemplated leaving medicine and pursuing a career as a writer. Unfortunately, the network axe fell before we could see that dream come to fruition.

Where Are They Now? I’m seeing this rebooted as a gritty medical drama: Doogie’s older now, and no longer the boy wonder whiz kid he once was. He’s estranged from Wanda, hooked on pain pills—and now a 12-year-old prodigy is threatening to take his job as chief resident. And every night, Doogie vents his expletive-laden frustrations in his computer diary. Gripping stuff. Watch full episodes of Doogie Howser, M.D. here!

Dawson’s Creek (1998-2003)

Where We Left Them: Joey chose Pacey, and Dawson went Hollywood, producing an autobiographical TV series called “The Creek.” (How meta!)

Where Are They Now? Dawson and Pacey are torn when Joey flies back to Capeside on a private jet with her super-rich, super-crazy, super-tiny boyfriend. Tom Cruise guest-stars.

Blossom (1991-1995)

Where We Left Them: Blossom, brother Joey, and dad Nick say goodbye to the house in which they shared so many memories in the last of many very special episodes.

Where Are They Now? Blossom’s big-flowery-hat boutique has to close its doors (I know, we all thought big flowery hats were recession-proof!), and she moves in with Joey, now the lead singer of popular bar band Joey and the Whoa-ettes. Pretty sure this ends with a group hug.

The X-Files (1993-2002)

Where We Left Them: Mulder faced a military tribunal where he was forced to defend the existence of the X-files (the actual files themselves, not the disappointing last couple seasons of the show).

Where Are They Now? Mulder and Scully don their FBI badges one last time to finally uncover the alien conspiracy once and for all and answer all of your burning questions… oh, who am I kidding? That’ll never happen.

Who Wants To Marry a Multi-Millionaire? (2000)

Where We Left Them: Oh, what a great day for matrimony! Nurse Darva Conger and faux-millionaire Rick Rockwell honored the institution of marriage by saying their vows on national television moments after meeting each other. Shockingly, it did not work out.

Where Are They Now? I think you know where I’m going with this: Let’s get Darva and Rick back together, huh? Call me a hopeless romantic, but I think those crazy kids could make it after all. Put them up in a nice hotel suite and let that old magic happen.

Got a favorite show you’re dying to see reunite? Jog your memories in the Comments.

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