Karina Smirnoff: Last Night Was Hard



Hi everyone…I’m sure you want me to update you on Aaron and Chelsie (did you read my last blog) and address some rumors.

First off, though, I want to thank all of you who are leaving comments (the nice ones!), including Ellen Tracy, Regina, Peggy Kelly, Mel, Timberly, Diana and the others. Keep them coming, and keep voting for Aaron and me. About last night…

Well, last night we lost our top position, but you can’t win every single dance. Aaron tried his hardest and I’m still very proud of him. When I came in the morning at 8:30, he was already there. He was in a great mood, great shape and ready to kick butt.

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I think he got a little burned out during all the rehearsals. At one point, he fell straight on his knee bone. When he danced on the live show, he was hurting and his knee was actually swollen. But it’s ok. He’s 21 and hopefully his body will be able to recover fast,

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I’m glad we got rumba out of the way. It’s a very difficult dance, and now we don’t have to do it again.

Last night was tough. I wonder what you guys thought.

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Mya looks really, really good to me. She’s tall, flexible, she’s fluid. I think she and Dimitri created beautiful chemistry. I also loved Chuck. I love watching him. He’s a strong guy and as an Ultimate Fighting fan I know that he has his famous death stare in the ring. But I loved it when last night he came out in ruffled sleeves and just went for it. That’s the way you have to do it.

I think thought Chelsie and Louie also did a great Rhumba. It was unorthodox, but really musical and Louie with the hair and swagger did that character really well. I am also a fan of Michael Irvin; the judges aren’t giving him high scores but his effort is going to go far with the viewers. Donnie took a chance, too. He was also super funny when he kissed Bruno.

I also liked seeing Paula Abdul there. I don’t know if I would want to see her more as a contestant or a judge. But I think it would be really fun to see her interact with the judges. She’d be sweet and constructive; as dancers, we want constructive criticism. I love when the judges give me information to take back to the studio and work on.



Now as for the rumors about me, let me say one thing: Don’t believe anything unless you hear it directly from me. For instance, I’m not dating Aaron. The rumors are not true. Aaron is a sweetheart. I think the world of him. But our relationship is professional and we’re here to do a great job.

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I guess I’m kind of humbled and flattered the press wants to pay attention to me. I went out last night to a club with my friends. The gossip sites immediately said I was with a mystery man. I was like, really? He wasn’t a mystery – not to me. He was my hairdresser.

I’m pretty boring. I go out Monday nights to a club that a lot of us from the show go to; it’s our one night where we don’t have to work. Cheryl was there, Derek was there, and a couple people from production. But that’s the one night I go out. Otherwise I’m busying rehearsing, choreographing, thinking about our dance, and resting. Sometimes I’ll see a movie. Right now I’m reading a book by Paulo Coelho – and loving the provocative questions its making me ask myself.

As for Aaron asking Chelsie out, she said that she doesn’t want to go out during the show. I think that’s reasonable. You don’t want to create uncomfortable grounds with your partner during the competition. I told Aaron to be ok with that; she said that while they’re on the show they can stay friends, which is cute and I agree with her.

I’m nervous going into tonight’s show. Being in the middle of the pack when there are so many couples in the pack is dangerous. But I’m nervous every time: On Monday before we dance and then before Tuesday…Those two days are when I lose all the weight from nerves. Anyway, now I’m going to get my makeup done…vote for us. Talk to you tomorrow.

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