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Jenna Fischer is the first to say it’s “pretty crazy” to see expectant parents Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert tie the knot this Thursday in a special double episode of NBC’s ‘The Office.” After all, it feels like just yesterday that fans were clamoring for this couple to share their first real lip lock, and now they’re about to marry and start a family. “It’s all gone by so fast!” says Fischer.

Yet not too fast. “It feels like the exact right timing,” the actress notes. “I would have been upset if it went any faster or any slower.”

Fancast invited Fischer to give us an inside look at one of TV’s most anticipated nuptials, and she RSVP’d yes.

Let’s talk wedding details. Are you happy with Pam’s dress? Did you have a say in it?
Oh yeah – and we picked the first one I tried on, actually. They had a rack of dresses, and there was one that stood out as looking like what I thought Pam would wear. Pam is five months pregnant, so we had to find a dress that fit and looked pretty but could also incorporate the [prosthetic] belly. Pam didn’t want to look like a pregnant bride – and she’s still keeping it a secret from some of her family – so she wasn’t going to wear some tight fitting dress. Her grandma says, “You’re the only bride I know who got fatter!” So we had to make her look a little tubby, but also really pretty.

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Has wearing the prosthetic belly given you a small idea of what it’s like to really be pregnant?
No, I have a feeling that what I’m experiencing now is just a drop in the bucket, so I’m sure there’s no comparison. And you can’t take a real pregnancy “off” at the end of the day. It’s neat to see that belly on you, but after the first hour it gets to be like, “Huh….”

Pam and Jim’s private Niagara Falls “getaway” is ultimately crashed by the Dunder Mifflin gang. What sort of craziness ensues?
Oh my gosh…. Well, Dwight and Michael do a ‘Wedding Crashers’ thing where they decide they want to hook up with girls at the wedding, so they’re hitting on everyone of any age and any relation to Jim and Pam.

On the flip side, will longtime “Jam” fans get payoff in the form of a nice romantic moment?
Don’t worry, it’s there. And it’s not a moment, it’s like a full 10 minutes. They really stop and savor the culmination of this romance. It was also touching for the cast: After we shot the wedding we posed for a cast photo, and we were like, “Look how far we’ve come.”

Tell us about Pam’s “new” mom, Linda Purl. [Shannon Cochran had previously played the role in the Season 2 episode ‘Sexual Harassment.’]
She’s a great actress, and she’s naturally funny. Pam’s mom is wounded because of the divorce with Pam’s dad, and she played it perfectly. We tried to get the original mom, but I heard she was on a 12-month theater tour and was not available. [Sarcastically] If you can believe it, we did not keep someone on the payroll for five years.

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Might Jenna Fischer “pull a Phyllis” and steal some of Pam’s wedding ideas? [Fischer is engaged to screenwriter Lee Kirk.]
I don’t think so! Wait until you see the episode. I am not getting married in Niagara Falls! No, I’m going to go my own way.

Since the “documentary” cameras aren’t following Pam and Jim on their honeymoon, do you think fans will ever see them in bed together?
I can’t imagine that they would let the cameras into their bedroom. And I can’t believe that these documentarians would snoop through someone’s window; that’d be kind of creepy. We did shoot a scene in Pam and Jim’s house for the wedding episode, but I don’t know if it made the cut.



What is [‘Office’ executive producer] Greg Daniels’ plan to keep Pam and Jim fresh as a married couple?
You’re going to have to ask Greg that question – I’d love to know! There is a big arc for Jim professionally this season, as he takes on more responsibility while Pam is struggling as a salesperson. They were living their life like single people and suddenly now they’re pregnant – and babies are expensive! My sister is having a baby, and she’s telling me how breast pumps are like $350 and a linen set is $1,000…. The surprise of the baby means Pam and Jim both need to keep their jobs. I pitched that Pam’s mom should take care of the baby during the day while Pam’s at work.

Linda Purl thanks you for that. Will there be an episode about baby names?
Haven’t had one yet! I don’t even know what I’m having. At this point in filming she is almost seven months along and there’s been no mention [of the gender].

What is the timing of the baby’s arrival?
Pam’s baby will be born the first or second week of February.

Nice – during sweeps, and hopefully before NBC’s Winter Olympics coverage kicks off.
Is that happening in February? Oh my goodness, Pam and Jim didn’t think about that when they got accidentally pregnant. They didn’t factor in the Olympics coverage, how dare they!

Watch Jim & Pam’s wedding on ‘The Office,’ Thursday, Otober 8, on NBC at 9 PM.

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