‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Adds New Doc: Kim Raver

Kim Raver (Getty Images)

Kim Raver (Getty Images)

Seattle Grace might have bid T. R. Knight farewell last season but there’s a new doctor in town and she’s ready to cause some drama.

Kim Raver, last seen on ABC’s ‘Lipstick Jungle,’ will join ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ as a new surgeon, reports The Ausiello Files.

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But that’s not the juicy part.

It turns out Raver’s character could become a love interest for Owen. After all, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ wouldn’t be a hit show without plenty of love triangles.

So just as Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Cristina (Sandra Oh) have begun sparking up their relationship along comes a hot new doc.

“I think it could get a little tricky, but exciting and interesting,” McKidd told E! Online. “Hopefully it will bring [Owen and Cristina] closer in the long run.”

Aside from ‘Lipstick Jungle’ Raver has appeared on Fox’s hit show ‘24‘ as Jack Bauer’s ex. Her gig on ‘Grey’s’ kicks off Nov 12.

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