Tracy Morgan Has “Me-Cards” For Every Occasion

Tracy Mogan (Random House)

Tracy Mogan (Random House)

Tracy Morgan has a long line of credits – comedian, actor, writer – but now the 40-year-old can add e-card expert to that list.

In support of his upcoming autobiography, “I Am The New Black,” the ‘30 Rock‘ star has created a series of hilariously Tracy-esque “me-cards,” covering a range of topics from “Happy Birthday” and “Recently Laid Off” to fill-in-the-blank “You Decide!”

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A personal favorite is the “I Love You” card, which simply reads: “I might even move in with you. Put my sneakers by the door. I wear size 9 but imma buy size 12. Case you bring another guy in here. He see them big sneakers, he might think twice.”

The book is billed as the “surprising story of Tracy Morgan’s rise from ghetto wiseass to superstar comedian,” and in reading an excerpt from the introduction, you can almost hear Morgan saying the words as his ’30 Rock’ alter-ego Tracy Jordan:

“There are many reasons why you might be reading this sentence. You’re obviously curious about me, or you wouldn’t even be holding this book. That’s cool with me, I’m happy about that, Mr. or Mrs. Whoever You Are. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life, it’s that curiosity might kill cats, but it doesn’t kill people. Unless you’re curious about doing things like bungee jumping high on crack to see if you really need that harness, curiosity will not kill you!”

You can pick up a copy of “I Am The New Black” October 20th.

’30 Rock’ returns for a fourth season Thursday October 15th on NBC.

And lastly – if you’re interested in seeing Morgan on Twitter, join the campaign here.

See what Morgan and his cast have to say about the new season below:

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