Fall In Love With Hef’s Sexy New ‘Girls Next Door’

Ever wonder what goes on at the Playboy mansion when the camera’s aren’t rolling?

You might be surprised to hear a typical evening is a quiet game of dominoes followed by an old black-and-white film shown in the study room.

What about a sexy pool party with a gaggle of buxom playmates? That too!

I visited Hugh Hefner and the new stars of ‘Girls Next Door,’ 22-year-old Crystal Harris and 19-year-old twins, Karissa and Kristina Shannon, at the spectacular Playboy mansion in Beverly Hills, and I got the dirt on the show’s hot new chapter: this year’s Halloween costumes, the rotating beds, and why Hef thinks the twins will never catch up with original ‘GND’ star Kendra Wilkinson.

What’s been the best part of having these new young ladies around?
Hef: Well it keeps you young. Every day is a wonderful new adventure. I think that the transition came at a very appropriate time, because I had been with Holly, Bridget and Kendra for half a dozen years. And they became celebrities. I was very excited and happy for them. But the arrival of these girls has filled my lonely nights. This is a very good time for me.

Walk me through a typical week at the mansion? What goes on around here?
: The daytime part for me is filled with editorial work and doing interviews. Working on book and movie projects, then the evenings are pretty well structured. Each day of the week is pretty much the same each week. Monday is movie night. My brother and a few pals will come over, we’ll have something to eat, and take in a classic movie. Tuesday night will be game night.
Karissa & Kristina:
We play Dominos, or “Dom & Ho’s”!

Hef: Wednesday night is card night. Thursday night sometimes we watch a movie, go out to dinner, whatever. Friday and Saturday nights are classic film nights – ‘Casablanca’ nights with a few friends over. Sunday afternoon is pool party, and we have a lot of friends and Playboy girls over. The evening is a new film.
: And we film ‘Girls Next Door’ every Sunday!

'Girls Next Door' (E!)

What was your first impression of the house?
Karissa & Kristina:
We thought, ‘This place is big! I wanna move in here!
: It was the same as my impression of the girls when I first saw them: “Woooow!”

Have the girls redecorated their rooms?
: The twins have at their request the original rotating bed from my Chicago mansion.
Karissa & Kristina: It’s a huge circle, it spins, it’s got a phone in it – it’s so cool!

How else did you personalize your room?
Karissa & Kristina:
We’ve got pictures in there, a fish tank, we have our clothes on the floor, a kick ass TV.
Hef: They have their clothes on the floor but they’ll never catch up with Kendra’s messiness! It’s a pile of clothing.

How do you ladies think that fans of the show will receive you?
Karissa & Kristina:
We’re not sure yet. We just want to watch ourselves on TV and see what we look like.
: Well, the fans have been so connected to the original girls, it will be interesting to see how they respond to the transition. We’ve looked at the rough cuts of the show and they are wonderful. I think we’ll pick up some additional fans. And the original girls will also be on the show. Best of all worlds.

Hef, I’ve always wondered: What’s the first thing you notice about a woman when you first meet her?
The smile I think, but the eyes too. It’s the first thing you notice. But depends on what she’s wearing, if she has a knock-out figure, everybody notices the figure first. I think the smile and the eyes tell you a great deal about a person.

Crystal Harris (E!)

Crystal Harris (E!)

Girls, what’s it like being the new girls on campus?
Crystal: We love it and are having a lot of fun!

What’s the best part about this amazing place?
Karissa & Kristina: The holidays are a lot of fun, the parties, going out with Hef, going out to dinner. Things are a whole lot easier too

How are things easier now?
Karissa & Kristina: We have a lot of help! We have butlers, people that plan the parties, video department, scrapbook department. Laundry department! Every department!

Was there any hard part to moving in here?
Karissa & Kristina: There was no tough part of getting accustomed here.

What’s coming up in the new season?
Hef: A whole lot of excitement. We’ve seen the rough cuts and they are wonderful. The new girls have brought a whole new energy and love to the show. We’ll also take a trip to Europe, couple of trips to Vegas, and we will see some of the regular girls from the past will also be on the show.

Kendra and Holly are gonna visit?
Hef: Well, in the first couple of episodes, when we’re in Vegas, we checked out Holly’s peep show. I loved it, I was very pleased, it was a lot of fun.

I heard you guys have your Halloween costumes picked out?
Karissa & Kristina & Crystal (all):
Hef’s gonna be the prisoner of love, Crystal is gonna be a cop, and the twins are gonna be prisoners or cops.
Karissa & Kristina:
We haven’t decided if we’ll be bad or good cops

Hugh Hefner and his new girlfriends (Fancast)

Hugh Hefner and his new girlfriends (Fancast)

A very special day is coming up for you ladies, right?
Hef: We’re celebrating our first anniversary – the anniversary of this relationship, with these three girls in October. The girls will also be celebrating their 20th birthday.

What will the celebrations look like?
Hef: Dinner and clubbing and hugs and kisses!

Gals, what’s your fitness schedule like, how do you keep so fit?
Karissa: We work out almost every day, we do cardio, lunges, hiking. We just stay active.
Kristina: I started taking up hiking, jogging around the neighborhood.
Crystal: I’ve been working out two hours a day lately.

Do you ladies diet?
: I stay away from carbs as much as I can and I try to not eat pasta or potatoes. If I eat that stuff, it shows right away. I like ice cream though, and chocolate.
: She’s got diet on her mind because she’s shooting her centerfold. The girls have already shot theirs so they don’t have to worry.

What do you ladies love the most about Hef?
: He always keeps things fun and takes us out. He has a big heart and is very caring.
Hef: Oh, you said heart! (laughing)

What’s your secret to looking fab?
: It definitely takes time. Probably like 20 minutes for me, I don’t wear a lot of makeup normally.
Karissa & Kristina:
We’re very lucky that we have help looking our best. I soak myself in perfume. Just like Hef, he uses cologne.
: The twins gave me cologne so two different types of cologne. I said on the show, I felt like an Italian w***, and someone from the New York Post was very offended by that, wrote about it on their column. But the twins are Italian! I wear both colognes at the same time.

Who do you think is the sexiest star?
Crystal: Kelly Osbourne is starting to look pretty sexy!
Hef: The one I would love to most have in the magazine is one the readers would love to have, but it changes from year to year. At the moment it is Megan Fox. Foxy lady.
Karissa & Kristina: She’s hot, she was so great in ‘Jennifer’s Body.’

Karissa and Kristina were also in a movie?
Karissa & Kristina: We had a small part in a movie by Sofia Coppola, called ‘Somewhere.’ We played twins, Cindy and Barbie Stephen Dorff. It comes out in 2010. And he plays Hef from Playboy!

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