Scandalized Foley And Sanford Back Letterman

David Letterman (CBS)

David Letterman (CBS)


NEW YORK – Some of the politicians zinged by David Letterman over the years for their indiscretions are offering pity and advice for the scandalized talk show host.

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford said Letterman could benefit from his confession that he had affairs with women who worked on the ‘Late Show.’ And former Florida Rep. Mark Foley said, “I feel sorry for Dave – I take no glee.”

Most of Letterman’s targets who were approached by The Associated Press refrained from comment.

But Sanford sent Letterman warm wishes.

“Both my thoughts and my prayers are with him,” he said Tuesday after a speaking engagement at a Rotary Club meeting in Easley, S.C.

The governor “didn’t really enjoy this year’s Fourth of July. He left his favorite firecracker in Argentina,” Letterman joked soon after Sanford’s adulterous affair was revealed in June.

“There’s a lot more introspection and soul-searching on the way down than there is on the way up,” Sanford said. “He can be a better person for it.”

Letterman, like many comedians, feasted on the disgrace of Foley, whose political career was ruined in 2006 by a scandal involving e-mails he sent to underage teens.

“Whoa! At least the Democrats wait until the interns are 18.” cracked Letterman.

On Tuesday, Foley voiced concern for Letterman’s 5-year-old son, Harry, and for the child’s mother, Regina Lasko.

“You hope that somewhere along the way,” continued Foley, “somebody feels their heart beat and says, ‘God, but for the grace of God, there go I,’ and they say, ‘You, know, this isn’t funny anymore.’ ”

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