‘Rachel Zoe Project’: Taylor Jacobson Answers Your Questions

This week, I’m helping Rachel with her QVC line. The hard launch of her line is coming up soon, so I’m flying out to style the models and to style the show. She’s going on live on Saturday. Make sure to watch!

Also don’t forget to watch the season finale of ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ this upcoming Monday night on Bravo. It’s gonna be amazing.

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I wanted to answer as many questions as possible from my last post, and tried to write them in the correct order. If I didn’t get to yours, please post it on the comments section below and I’ll try to get to it next week on my last post!

The blue Chanel bag with the silver chain strap is from Chanel boutique on Rodeo. Not very exciting, but yes, from the store!

The military style jacket with gold buttons is Dolce & Gabbana, but it’s old, and not accessible now.

The black messenger bag with fringe is by Pierre Hardy – or Prada, not sure which one, because I have two different ones.

The long black t-shirt from season one with a black beret, I think it’s from Satine boutique in Los Angeles (on 3rd street). They have a casual line.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Rachel-Zoe-Project/99707/1285723747/Frustrated-Taylor/embed?skipTo=0 420 382]

The big black glasses in the previews for next week’s episode are vintage – I don’t think they are designer, though. I got them at Resurrection boutique on Melrose in LA.

My favorite perfume? I like an oil by Ebba called Miss Marisa. It’s the original Miss Marisa. I prefer body oils to perfumes because they last longer.

Will you ever see footage of my getting dressed up for an event? Probably not, because I am socially awkward. Not this season at least.

I do have general frustration with the show editing. Sometimes how I’m portrayed isn’t exactly true.

Here’s the thing with heels: there is no styling tip. It’s just suffering and dealing with wearing high heels. Just being true to fashion. There’s no tip – everyone hurts in heels. It’s just being really dedicated to having and wearing high heels.

Some of you want to get into styling – and one asked if at 29 you can still break into the industry. Yes absolutely. Get contacts, go in the net and research agencies that represent wardrobe stylists. Submit your resume and hopefully they will need extra help. That’s a good way to get your foot in the door. Some gigs are paid and some are not – It depends on the experience you have, and the project that’s available for you to work on.

Those are some of the things you guys wanted to know about. Come back next week for more. And don’t forget to watch the season finale of ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ on Monday at Bravo! You’ll love it.

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