Sci Fi Tracker: This Week In Sci Fi – Tardis Tweaks and Yapping Yodas

Dollhouse (FOX)

Dollhouse (FOX)

With autumn in the air (and baseballs flying through it), lots of shows are trending toward drops in viewership. Which shows are on the chopping block already? Which ones might be?

And is any of that more frightening than ‘Nosefurratu’? Or the fact that an 8 year old might be pimping Doctor Who’s ride?

You decide.

Who Logo and Ride Get Spruced Up for 2010

The new Doctor Who logo has been unveiled at BBC America – and it’s vaguely Tardis-shaped. Meanwhile, apparently the new Tardis console could wind up being jellybean-shaped. As pointed out at Sci Fi Wire, a competition is being held to design the new control panel – but entries can only be submitted by set designers who happen to fall in the 6 – 12 year old age bracket.

So if you happen to notice a Jonas Brothers hotline installed on the new console, or its buttons are crafted from M&Ms instead of polyurethane, you’ll know who to blame.

Who’s Scariest?

A Terminator with an ability to re-program humans? A vampire warrior with daddy issues and a werewolf lover who’s now lost in space? Or a ditzy blonde heiress who thinks she can act?

You’ll have an opportunity to settle this competition in the coming weeks as three high-profile guest stars hit the small screen in assorted genre fare. I09 provides sneak shots of Summer Glau preparing for her Dollhouse debut, and glimpses of Paris Hilton on the set of Supernatural, while also bringing tidings of Rhona Mitra joining the Stargate Universe cast for a multi-episode arc that will include the finale.

Two of those guest star slots promise to be scary-good, anyway.

Who Thinks Dollhouse Can Come Back From The Dead Twice?

TV Guide draws attention to the efforts of, which is campaigning to save Whedon’s flailing show now that it really needs it. Amongst the recommendations from the active-loving activists include a plea to watch the show and then spread the word about what you think of it.

But, as some would argue, therein lies the flaw of the campaign.

Will tonight’s viewership stats once more “punch through it’s rock bottom” viewing stats (as chronicled by the Live Feed last week)? Stay tuned.

Who Would Rather Watch Baseball Over Bellie and Blackouts?

Lots of people, alas, suggests TV By The Numbers. So he’s trying to tell us it’s too soon (maybe) to panic about those drops in viewership for Fringe and FlashForward, given all the bats (not the blood-sucking kind) being brandished this time of year.

While Live Feed did run a story indicating that Fringe does well once DVR viewing stats are taken into account, it’d be more reassuring if DVR viewing stats were taken into account – at least by the network execs – when deciding a show’s fate.

Who Deserves Some Kibble For Indulging Their Human Companions Like This?

As far as random Halloween-related kicks go, Sci Fi Wire’s gallery of best sci fi pet costumes is so in the spirit of the season, you have to take a look.

If a miniature pinscher dressed as an Oompa Loompa isn’t your worst nightmare, it should be.

And that’s that for this week.

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