Report: David Letterman’s Wife Demanded Public Apology

David Letterman and Wife Regina Lasko (X17Online)

David Letterman and Wife Regina Lasko (X17Online)

When David Letterman came to the realization that the ‘terrible, terrible’ things he had done were going to be made public, he was going to take responsibility to be the one to do so on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman.’ That won him a lot of respect (albeit for doing a disrespectful thing).

Audiences also admired the late-night host when he took to the airwaves once again last Monday to apologize to his wife Regina Lasko, whom he married in March after 23 years together, revealing she was “horribly hurt by my behavior.”

Well, it seems the mega mea culpa wasn’t exactly Dave’s own idea. Dave’s “mortified” wife Regina demanded the public apology.

A source close to Lasko tells Fox News that the Monday apology “wasn’t something Dave wanted to do at all.”

After Letterman blew the lid off the story, “He wanted the whole thing to blow over,” said the source. “But Regina told him he better make an apology to let everyone know how sorry he was for how much he hurt and humiliated her.”

Letterman, 62, was adamant that he wants to repair his relationship with 48-year-old Lasko–the couple has six-year-old son Harry together–but he admitted, “Let me tell you folks, I got my work cut out for me.”

It’s no wonder Dave wants to work it out, if you believe the National Enquirer, who says the sex scandal could set off a $300 million divorce.

“It’s become a real battle,” a ‘Late Show’ insider tells the tabloid.

“Regina is humiliated, and she wants to get even with David for his public admission he cheated on her repeatedly during their 23-year relationship.She was mortified that David carried on sexual relationships with a number of his female staffers—including his former assistant Stephanie Birkitt.”

Now, David Letterman was smart enough to not let a blackmailer steal $2 million dollars from him on the sly. Do we really think David Letterman would be dumb enough to not have signed a pre-nup agreement?

And in the TMI category: The article also claims Letterman kept a “fully equipped” love nest (whatever that means) and likes to play “dress up.”

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